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Every time I think I have baby fever a friend announces  she is pregnant with the first or second and my gut response is, WHY? hahah I don't want to totally shut out the idea but I am 30 and my time is ticking so we will see what happens but I guess my gut reaction is a good sign that Im not ready. 
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Re: why?

  • I'm the same way. Occasionally I'll have the "awwww I want a baby!" moment, but then every time the thought of actually being pregnant crosses my mind, I have a mini-anxiety attack.  I think my baby-fever lasts all of a few minutes before reality kicks back in.
  • I think I go through those phases with my monthly cycle and hormones. When I'm ovulating I get baby fever and even get a little crazy about it, searching the web and getting on the bump and such lol. And then the rest of my cycle I see screaming children in the store and in restaurants and I get up and leave or make faces about how I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with that.
  • every time i see a pregnancy announcement my reaction is "thank god its not me" hahaha  I dont have an ounce of baby fever
  • I go through cycles where I think I want a baby right NOW! And then I see a screaming baby or watch something like "Friends with Kids" where the baby has a poop-splosion and I realize I can wait.

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