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Now I am a bit depressed- Vent

I was at the district introduction breakfast this morning and found out that a girl I went to high school with got one of the elementary jobs I applied, and didn't even get an interview for. Thankfully, my coworkers are awesome and cheered me up. One asked me if I wanted to go up and talk to the superintendent when she said that you can't say there aren't jobs in education, and the other had a long talk with me and told me that I was like a race car driver stuck behind the pace car (in a good way of course). I felt the love!

So Jen, I wish you could work here!
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Re: Now I am a bit depressed- Vent

  • I wish I was there too sweetie!  We have 2 SPED para positions open with me?! And houses are a lot easier to come by in my neck of the woods. 

    You know why you aren't in that new position sweetie? Its cause they can't afford to lose someone good in your current position. It takes someone to fill a spot in education, but its takes a really special person to work in SPED. This is truth.  I am on the interview committee and we judge our SPED interviewees much harder than any other position.  You are good at your job and even though you have more in mind, they need you there.  You have good things coming your way.  By the sounds of it, you work with some awesome people!

  • I know, but to be honest, my principal actually got me an interview, so it isn't like they are trying to keep me there. But I do work with some awesome people. I wish you could work with them too!
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  • I'm so sorry. I know how you feel. Time and time again I get passed up for jobs that I know I would be great at. Your dream job is out there for you! It's just not time for you to have it yet for whatever reason. I feel that way too. Even though I was offered this 5th grade position, it's only until December 20 so I'll be back in your situation again in no time. We are both doing the best thing by working in a school. If we were working in retail or something like that, we wouldn't even land interviews and it would be so much harder to ever get a teaching position.

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