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Cleaning mini blinds

Whats your fave way? I am tempted to throw them in the tub and blast them with the shower head so any advice would be great

Re: Cleaning mini blinds

  • I'm tempted to do the same (throw them away that is).  This is by far my least favorite job ever!  But when I have to do it, I will usually take them down completely and hose them off and let them dry in the sun (be carefuly if they are wood or metal)...  Or I will painstakingly wipe each blind (front and back) with a damp rag.  GL!
  • HOnestly, the best way to clean mini blinds is to keep up with them and give them regular dustings so they  never get so dirty that they have to be taken down.

    Swiffer sheets or wand, damp fabric softerner sheets, lots of options -- just keep the dust away so that it doesn't become dirt.

     Good luck!

  • You can buy mini blind dusters at housewares stores.  They look like a dust brush with fingers.  Spray some dusting spray on the brush and it does a pretty good job of getting the dust. 
  • Ohhh I really want to throw them away but that will have to wait until after the move when I have a little more money to spend on buying curtains for the entire house. I will def try the tips before I got out and buy a special duster but right now that seems like my best bet

  • If they're really bad, I would spray them with a degreaser, since dust is mainly comprised of skin cells, which are oily. Then, I would either take them outside to hose them off, or put them in your tub.
  • I once helped a friend clean her apartment before a move-out inspection.   She was a smoker, so the blinds were NASTY.   We filled up the bathtub with Oxyclean and hot water, let them soak for a while, then turned on the shower to rinse them off.    They came out looking good as new.  
  • So maybe the tub idea wasn't so bad. I am def trying that first since it will be the easiest an then using other tips for maintenance.
  • My mom has taken her blinds down for years and cleaned them in the bathtub. Blinds are generally inexpensive, but we're all tight wads and can't fathom throwing them away.

    Which reminds me I need to take my ones in the kitchen down and soak them in Dawn. They get greasy from all of the cooking.

  • degreaser, ( katie keller#2)thats a good idea! I have 5 mini blinds in our basement we are remodelling and they are absolutely disgusting

    I've found with our plantation blinds (in the finished part of the house) a piece of fleece wipes them up well for regular maintenance.

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