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Finger Length Testosterone Levels in Womb

edited August 2013 in Sex & Romance
So, I tried posting this in the bump section, but there was a lot of immaturity.  So, I thought I'd try here. 
Have any of you seen this study:
It states that Korean researchers found a correlation between penis length and the ration of ring finger to index finger length.  Basically, a guy with a longer ring finger than index finger is better endowed.  It also states that athletic ability is tied to it all relates to testosterone levels in the body during Pregnancy.  So, I this true for you?  Does your husbands ring finger/index finger ratio correspond to his endowment? 

Once my DH saw this, he said once we are pregnant with first LO, I should get testosterone booster shots. 

Re: Finger Length Testosterone Levels in Womb

  • IDK about that. I have read those studies about the feet, hands, fingers but there always seems to be a study later on to refute it - based off DH and passed ex bf's the finger ratios dont always correspond to endowment - it does not with DH.
    I am not well-read in the genes and DNA field but it seems like most of the endowment would come from the family, not from a physical characteristic.
    Im not sure about the testosterone booster shots. Once again Im not well-read, just remember from health classes the cons of taking steroids or testosterone boosters, that is probably a good question for your dr when you are TTC or are expecting.

    Hopefully this was a little more mature then what you got on the bump. Interesting article!

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