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Sound of Music = Holiday Movie.

It was on tonight.

I think rest my 1.5 year old case. 

Big Smile 

Re: Sound of Music = Holiday Movie.

  • Wow - I forgot about that debate!  It was on here tonight, too, but I still don't think of it as a "holiday" movie!
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  • OK - I figured out the connection -- thanks to a Behind the Song.

    The SOM-Xmas connection stems from the song "My Favorite Things." Some of the lines evoke holiday/winter imagery: (i.e. snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes and silver white winters that melt into springs). 

    Years ago, a singer needed to pad his holiday album, so his producers said he should do a version of "My Favorite Things" and they stuck it on the album. After that, it became associated with Xmas -- and dozens of other singers recorded their versions of it.

    Thus, the movie became associated with it. 

    Ta da! Big Smile


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  • I don't think it's Christmasy at all, but I still loves it.
  • Well I don't buy it. It wasn't shown during ABC Family Channel's 25 Days of Christmas and you know that is the ultimate holiday movie guide - I mean they make the Harry Potter movies holiday and this year Cars made it to the list!
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  • I think the 25 days of Christmas movie thing was for entertainment, not necessarily holiday movies.

    LMW-I was thinking this last night about that old debate on here.  I was always on "your side" Smile

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  • I must not have been around for that debate, but now that I think of it - it seems they play Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz around TG and Christmas time. Maybe its just cause its a family movie and a classic?
  • I still maintain that holiday movie or not, Sound of Music = Horrible Movie.
  • image Elizabeth81:
    I still maintain that holiday movie or not, Sound of Music = Horrible Movie.

    What?!? Take it back!


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