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are we still newlyweds?

I may not have posted often, but I would consider myself tech-savvy.  I was re-reading my blogs (on MySpace) from all of 2008 and 2007 and 2006... well let's just say I was doing some serious reminiscing....

I decided to post here to say Thank You to everyone who helped me understand and plan for my wedding.  Now, it's almost our 9-month wedding anniversaries and I wonder what you all think about when the term "newlywed" expries.

I love DH very much, more and more each day.  I was just looking on MSN entertainment at celebrity hookups and breakups and I was definitely saddened by the lack of committement in Hollywood.  I am so grateful to have met DH, I hate to think of what would happen if he wanted a divorce.

Sure, we have "heated discussions" and we're learning how to discuss our differences more effectively (he is a good communicator and I have a tendency to emotionally shut down).  I made an early post on a general nest discussion board regarding some of the biggest problems I percieved in my marriage and I got my @** handed to me by no less than 10 other married women who said the 4 problems I listed were my fault and were all based on my lack of communication.  That was soooooo useful for me.

Lately, the piece of advice I got from a female professional role model of mine was that I need a "Stich and B*&^%" circle of girl friends.  I have been spending so much time with DH and his (our) male friends, I completely forgot to reach out to female friends.  Now DH is getting a bit tired of my B*&^%ing about work-related day-to-day dramas and I've been told that the remedy is female companionship.  Well, I guess that's why I'm turning back to the knot (now the nest).  I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your newleyweddedness (however long it lasts...)

Re: are we still newlyweds?

  • Welcome Back! It is so sad that we are almost not newlyweds any more...what then? Are we supposed to start having children? This time last year we were sooooo excited to be getting married is 3 months or less. This year has just flown by! If you  ever need to talk and have girly type conversations do know you can turn here. I check it a couple of time a day even though there is not much acitivty. I would be glad to lend and ear? or an eye? :) Hope all is well and everyone has a good monday!
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  • Let's always been newlyweds!!!
  • I like the pp's suggestion, but if I HAD to put a time limit, I would say one year is the limit for the term newlywed.
  • From what I can tell one year is consensus on the expiration date of the term newlywed.  That's sad.

    DH and I may be getting ready to branch out a bit from each other, and I guess that's what happens when you aren't newlyweds.  I suggested we start taking separate cars to work this morning (we carpool right now) and he said that's not necessary, so I guess we can be "joined at the hip" a little bit longer.

    Thanks for all the posts and support.

  • Awww you can always turn to us! I can't believe it's been almost a year already. We are no longer Newlyweds as of the first year you have been married.
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