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Your Favorite....

Room in your apartment/house and why.....Post a pic or two...


I would but I am on the lap top so I will have to post a pic later :)

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Re: Your Favorite....

  • I live in a one BR apartment right now, so there are only 3 total rooms. I can't wait till we have a house. When that happens, I promise pictures galore!
  • andI will hold you to that promise, thanks for replying :) I need to post pics of my favorite 2 rooms, my living room and our would be next on my list but it is currently under MAJOR construction...along with the hallway to and from the bedroom! Hopefully my house will be in good enough order by the end of the weekend to post a pretty pic or two Wink
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  • I will post some pics as soon as I clean my tiny tiny apartment! Also my new haircut! I chopped it all off. Hope everyone has a great weekend
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  • I chopped mine too but it's growing in and I need a touch up. I started pre-natal vitamins even though I am not preg, and my hair is growing like a weed!
  • I love our dining room table.  Since we live in a 1-bedroom apartment, it's kind of hard to answer this question, but it's definitely my favorite space in our home.  The way this space became my instant favorite was the day we found a super large and very heavy piece of glass in the dumpster and carried it upstairs to our apartment and put it on top of our old (small) table.  Now we can seat 8 people comfortably and as a result we have people over for dinner all the time.  When nobody else is around, or when DH is working at his desk in our bedroom, I sit there with my laptop looking out our sliding glass patio door onto the trees and greenery around our apartment.  It's a very calming space with lots of room.  Unlike most people who have a living room dominated by a large couch and entertainment center, our living room is dominated by this table in the center of the room and it is a place where many lively and engaging discussions take place.  We (DH and I and our friends) eat, laugh, talk, dream, cry, and worry around this table.  I hold it almost as responsible as the bed (ha ha) for keeping love and affection in our marriage.
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