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Anyone have Jillian from the BL Wii fit game?

I am overweight and out of shape-I have Wii Fit but I find it doesn't offer me much since I don't like yoga and the rest are mostly all just short little games, rather than a workout.

How is Jillian's game/workout? Is it possible to customize it to your fitness level, or is it pretty intense from the start? 

I know if it is too intense that I will get frustrated and not use it...

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Re: Anyone have Jillian from the BL Wii fit game?

  • I don't have it, but I do recall reading several negative reviews on here about the graphics, the exercises, and the overall quality of the game.
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  • I have it, and yes, it is somewhat of a disappointment.

    Personally, I think its hard to figure out how to do some of the moves using the remote and nunchuk. Its compatible w/ the Wii Fit board, but you don't need it. Actually, I've found it's a little easier w/o using the board. 

    I haven't explored everything you can do w/ it yet, but I honestly think you're better off just getting some of her regular workout DVDs if you seriously want to lose weight.

  • I have only read negative?reviews.?
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  • I haven't tried the Jillian game, but if you're looking for something for the Wii, try Active Life Outdoor Challenge.  The activities are short like the Wii Fit, but they're strung together without breaks and they can be intense.  You can also create your own courses.  I think it's also more full body than the Wii Fit.  There's lots of jumping, running, arm pumping, bending.  I can get a great workout (confirmed by my hrm.)  And it's wicked fun.
  • I don't have it, but read mostly negative reviews on
  • Outdoor Challenge is good - it works up quite a sweat with lots of running and jumping.

    Also, they're releasing My Fitness Coach this week. It's a Wii version of the Yourself!Fitness game for the Playstation and Xbox. It doesn't use the balance board (boo!) but it does create workouts for you based on your goals and has cardio and yoga. The workouts are longer (so you could do 45 minutes non-stop) and it keeps track of when and how much you work out.

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