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Picking Wedding Pictures

Phew! DH and I just spent about 2.5 hours picking pictures and we are still not done. We picked 190...90 over...eeek. I think I am going to pay more to have more pictures because they are all so good I can't pick just 100!

That is all. I am excited. Oh and damn was I skinny 2.5 months ago....I gotta get back on the skinny!!!?

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Re: Picking Wedding Pictures

  • OMG, we had the same problem.  I could narrow them down, but not to the number we needed.  So I made my mom narrow down the final list - I just couldn't do it!  lol  I needed an objective opinion who hadn't been staring at them as long as I have. 

    And the kicker?  It was more than a year after our wedding that we finally sent in our picks.  Sad, but true!

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  • image SeptemberBride'08:

    That is all. I am excited. Oh and damn was I skinny 2.5 months ago....I gotta get back on the skinny!!! 


    Funny story...I got back on the skinny wagon and was looking so good that DH couldn't keep his hands off my when we weren't supposed to do anything, and presto!  Welcome little B-Baby!  lol   :-)

  • Don't feel bad- we've been married 14 months and just on Saturday spent 2 hours going over our album proof from the photogs and making some edits! It's very difficult to pick and/or make decisions on these things!
    image image image
  • Definitely don't feel bad, we are having the same problem. I cannot seem to narrow it down to the number we need! DH thinks that I am nuts, but I love our pictures so much I don't know how we'll ever do it!

    Ditto to the skinny comment, I have gained almost 20 pounds since the wedding :o( I was so disciplined before the wedding, then once we went on the HM I just kinda lost control and it was all down hill after that! Looking at the pics makes we want to get back to my former skinny self!

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  • We got our proof album 2 weeks ago and haven't narrowed our choices down yet.  There are just so many good ones!
  • I'm having a blast but I think I have to scale down to 150 pictures...hahaha
    Took 2 years & 8 months to make our baby! Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • I am soo jealous!!! I wish I had that problem. DH and I are still waiting for our proofs Sad
  • We got 12 cd's of proofs over 2500 pictures..I have them all loaded on my computer and am trying to pick pictures for my album, we got through the ceremony/church/Japanese gardens pictures, but not the reception.

    I dont dare start doing that...there are just TOO many!  I feel your pain.

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