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first off....I feel terrible, what's your first name! Embarrassed

Yes, we like the Florentine Gardens, it was really nice. Is there only one wedding there at a time? That was one of my big things when we were getting married that I wanted to be the only bride.

Side note....Wyatt has broken out of the MB every night for the past few days. Just about every morning I've gone in to get him and he's laying there, head by the bumper of the crib, tangled in his blanket with a huge grin on his face. He's getting so big I can barely stand it! Where did our little babies go?????


Re: JSK71606

  • My first name is Jennifer, but Jen is fine!

    Yes, Florentine only has one wedding at a time.  Originally I didn't want to look there, but MH wanted to.  As soon as I walked in, I knew that was where we were having our reception.  We never looked anywhere else!

    Sean is doing pretty well with the one arm out.  Last night was a rough night, but he didn't startle when I put him down tonight.  I've learned to just hold his arm for a minute before I leave the room.

    I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  Sean is 4 months old today!!  It's crazy.

    When are you going to start weaning Wyatt out of the blanket?

  • I was thinking maybe High School, lol

    Seriously, I want to see if last night was a fluke or if he really is going to start STTN. I figure if he can start doing that then we might have a better shot. Plus, I'm waiting to see what the ped says about starting cereal. I've got a secret....I gave him some mashed potatoe on Thanksgiving off my finger and he LOVED it. So I'm leaning towards starting it @ 4 months. He CHUGGED his bottle tonight and immediatley started to suck on his hand once he is done...I think he's ready. And if he does starting eating cereal then I think I have a better shot of him conking out at night and not needing the blanket.

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