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Just Not Interested It Seems

Since we got married in July, SLOWLY, it seems DH is just not interested in sex anymore, contrary to what I would like. When we were dating, sex was the thing we knew we weren't supposed to be doing, but we did it anyway....kind of like "getting away" with it, you could say. Now that we are married and it is "okay" for us to have sex, he really just doesn't want to. I'm afraid it's something my weight or the way I look....which has changed over the years, but who's hasn't?

I just don't want to have these issues this early in our marriage. It makes me sad.

What's a girl to do........

Re: Just Not Interested It Seems

  • I know it's hard not to, but don't get too self conscience thinking it's you.  It could be a bunch of different things.  Maybe he is having some type of post single depression thing.  Have you tried talking to him?  Maybe you guys need to spice it up a little, try a new place or position?  We have been married just over a year now and I noticed we weren't having sex as much.  I started stressing about it too, but I realized after a little while that it was a combination of things (both gained weight, I started an MBA program, saving for a new place, etc).   Now that we acknowledge these things, it takes the pressure off and we can work on correcting it.  Just bring it up casually, I know my DH feels like I am blaming him if I make it sound too serious. Good luck!
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