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Our house hunting details (long)

Andre and I went house hunting for the first time on Saturday, and for those of you that don't have me on facebook, I will provide the details: We think we might have found the house!

I have been stalking the MLS for about a year now. Mostly to dream, and to keep on top of what the housing prices were in our area for when we were ready/able to buy. There has been a townhouse listed for awhile in our desired area. A little over-priced, and in need of some up-dating (can anyone say cedar shakes in the living room?!), but in our desired area, and close to my family.

We visited two townhouses yesterday (what we want), and the first one was a dump! O.M.G. As soon as you walked in the house all you could smell was cat pee, it was horrible. We toured the house, and when we got into the basement our agent took one look at the baseboards in the basement (they were almost black from the mold) he told us we didn't need the hastle of water damage, and this was not our house. It was horrible. I don't know how a family could have been living like that.

Then on to the second house. Like I mentioned it's dated. The carpeting in the living room and dining room need to be ripped out, but there is parquet (wood) flooring underneath that has been preserved for the past 30 years. There are cedar shakes hanging on two of the walls in the living room, that we would have to rip down as well. It's 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Andre and I both had a good feeling while we were touring the house. We could really see ourselves fixing it up and making a home there.

We talked it over last night, and I e-mailed our agent today and we hope to put an offer in next week. Our agent warned us that the negotiations could take some time though, because it's an older man that's living there and he could be hesitant to give us the price we want (and what the agent thinks is a fair value).

I will keep you all posted! (still keep those fingers crossed!)


Our answered prayer, Emilie Helen

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Re: Our house hunting details (long)

  • Awesome Jenna!!  Good luck and let us know how it all goes!!
  • Congrats and good luck!
  • That is so exciting Jenna!!! I hope you get it. We saw some pretty bad houses too when we were looking. There was one near Erin&Erik that we thought we would like, but when we toured it, it REEKED of smoke. As soon as we stepped in we knew it wasn't ours.

    Keep us posted on what happens! 

  • oohh how exciting! I really hope you get it. It's such an awesome experience..I hope someday to own my own house too..Toronto just makes it so hard. Looking forward to your update!
  • OMG!  That's so exciting!  The house sounds like a great fit for you! And you sound like you have approached this processed in a very thoughtful, level-headed way.  I hope your seller is as equally thoughtful in negotiations!  Keep us updated!
  • Fantastic!  Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Great news. Keep us posted on progress of the offer/negotiations. Bravo to you for having some vision about what the place *could* be, once all the dated decor is gone. How exciting for you guys.

  • thats exciting, Jenna... I'm happy for you and Andre! keep us updated on how the negotations go.
  • WOOOOOHOOO Jenna! How exciting is that?!?!!

    I'm so pumped for you - let us know how the offer goes :)

  • Jenna, good luck with the offer!  Remember to set an amount in your head and don't go over it!  Keep us updated with how it goes!
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  • This is so exciting for you!  Good luck, keep us posted!
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