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Do any of you run with your dogs?

I keep thinking about getting into a running routine, there are so many great trails by my house and I get bored on the treadmill.

I would feel guilty leaving my dog at home, because I know he would love it. I am worried he will be a distraction and keep me from running and it will end up just a walk.

So, do anyone of you take your pups when you run?

Re: Do any of you run with your dogs?

  • DH takes her b/c he can control her better than I can.  When I take her, I end up spending more time being frustrated with her b/c she wants to go visit every other person we see.  We need to learn to get better together though b/c she's coming out with me on my night runs starting Wednesday.
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    .: Diary of a Recovering Runner :.

  • Sometimes.  My dogs can't handle more than about 1.5 miles of running, so I take them one at a time so I can get more mileage in.  They enjoy it and it's usually not too distracting, though one of them often stops suddenly and almost trips me.
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  • I do on occasion.  I'm not a fan of running outside, but I do it sometimes, and when I do I take the dog.  She loves it.  It took some time to teach her to not run around me thinking it's play time, but once she got the idea to just run next to me it worked fine.  I found that keeping her on a short leash next to me is best for walking her and running.  If I give her too much slack on the leash she'll try to take me for a walk/run. 
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  • I do it (did 3.2 miles with them on Saturday!) but I don't count it into my training because they stop to sniff and do their business so it's impossible for me to test my performance.

     It's still great exercise and training somewhat though, especially if you take them on uneven terrain, imo.

  • I do. The most she can do is about 6 miles, but she loves it! She knows when it's time to go running... she gets all excited!
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  • Absolutely!! He is the reason I won't get a gym membership, I feel too guilty leaving him at home! Plus b/c he is such a high energy breed, its not fair to him if we don't burn some of his energy off too.

    The key is to make sure that he knows how to walk properly. ie; not pulling you, stopping to sniff, pee, sniff, go over there, then cross over here, then go back there, stop, sniff, pee...etc.

    Cooper is trained to walk next to me, at my pace. We don't stop, for anything, unless I say we stop. I don't say this to sound mean, but its the most effective way to walk your dog, it challenges them physically & mentally. Then when we walk or run, he is focused on just that & not everything else.

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • I wish I could, but I have a miniature dachshund.    With those stumpy legs, she can only run a few blocks!
  • I do, but only when I can trail run. I don't like having her run in the road with me (we live in the city) and the sidewalk is not the best place for dogs to run. I have a great hands-free leash thing DH bought me, but honestly in the woods/trails I just let her run loose.

    I have a lab, and it's breed dependent, but she isn't built for distance running- more short spurts. So the trails work out great- she runs ahead, spends time sniffing until I catch up,etc.

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  • I do.  She loves to run, and runs faster than me actually, so she keeps me going at a pretty fast pace.  She's also a breed that's built for running and endurance. 
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  • I forgot to add that you should make sure your dog is old enough to do some running.  My vet didn't want me running with my dogs until they were at least 1.5 years old.
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  • i go all the time with j, he loves it.  he was trained on walks when he was young to not stop and sniff... he's a little spastic the first .5 miles or so but then is great.
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  • Don't forget that dogs that have been couch potatos just like humans need time to build up their speed and endurance. Don't go out and run a 5K with your dog at first! Get them in shape....
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