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How do you clean hardwood floors?

Our new house has these on the entire first floor. Tell me what you do to keep them clean. Vaccum then mop? Special tools you love? Thanks!

Re: How do you clean hardwood floors?

  • I vacuum and then use a Swiffer wet.  I am looking to get a steam mop after the new year because those stupid pads seem so wasteful. 
  • I just mix a little vinegar with water and use a soft mop to clean mine.  Make sure you don't leave excess water on the floor though because it can ruin it.  Stay away from the Orange Glo floor cleaner for hardwood- it left steaks all over my floor and took some good old fashioned elbow grease to get them off.
  • I vacuum them every other day (we have two dogs), microfiber mop them once a week and then use Bona hardwood floor cleaner after I microfiber mop them- I use a microfiber mop with the Bona as well.  Every four months I use Bona hardwood floor refinisher- it makes them shiny and gives them a protective layer.  I really like the Bona line of cleaners. 
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  • Whatever you do, do not use Pledge wood cleaner!!  My father did this a couple of times when I was living at home and I would slip onto my butt every time I came down the stairs wearing socks.  Somehow he kept forgetting! 
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  • I vacuum them first and then use a tool similar to a Swiffer with the pads on which I spray Zep hardwood floor cleaner.  Keeps them shiny and smells good too.
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  • image kristeng21:
    I just mix a little vinegar with water and use a soft mop to clean mine.  Make sure you don't leave excess water on the floor though because it can ruin it.

    I just use a dry dust mop to pick up fuzzies and then wet mop like above.  I don't vacuum because I can't stand the loud noise echoing through the entire downstairs.

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