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Funny Story...

So my DH's Aunt is awesome. She is like 10 years older then us but we are really close to her. All three of us have facebook accounts. So the other day I get on my account and her status says "Kristen is so excited to report Josh got down on bended knee last night." Now here is the thing Josh is her BF that we all love but she always says she will never get married she is happy the way things are and why fix things that are not broken. She has a son who is 6 and she is very content the way things are. So I read this status and I am flipping out to my DH who now signs on, on his computer to make sure I am not missing anything, He is like I can not believe "she did not call us this morning, (since now it is like 2:30 p.m.)  my mom did not even call me no one did! He was like we went over there after we got engaged like 10 minutes after and she could not even text or call us."

So he texts her that whole thing so she felt bad and called him. Now I can hear what he is saying but not her. I hear " Oh how nice, how romantic. I can not believe he did that, What did you say? Do you like it? I can not wait to see it!" I am yelling you @$$ tell me! So he hangs up and he says Josh got down on bended knee and asked Aunt Kristen to buy a new snowblower. I am like no way you are lying (My Dh likes to play jokes on me.) So I get my phone and call her and she is laughing she was like Loretta it is true. I thought it was so funny. She is like I am going to keep it going on facebook. 

If you could have read all the Congratulations comments. So my DH wrote on her wall  !!!! CONGRATS!!! josh could not have picked a better time! i cant wait to see it! :). He did this so people would think it was true if a family member wrote something. She did keep it going for a while and then changed her status to Kristen was telling the truth. I came home, Josh got on bended knee...and asked me if we could get a new snowblower! HAHA We went right out that night and bought it!


I thought this was funny and she did have me going for awhile so I thought that I would share!

Re: Funny Story...

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