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A pill went down the sink...

I just started my new pills - I switched to Yasmin. My day 3 pill went down the sink.

I obviously can't replace that pill...I just skipped day 3 and took day 4's pill. 

Am I at risk for preggies? Should I use backup until next month?

I'm also going to call the gyno on Monday but I wanted to see if anyone else has done this on accident. TIA!

Re: A pill went down the sink...

  • It's been a long time since I've taken pills, so I'm not sure what the info says that comes with it, but the patient info should explain what to do if you miss a pill.  Otherwise, call the pharmacy, they would probably know better than the doctor.
  • I second calling the pharmacy rather than the doctor. They know so much more about medication. Every time I have a question about meds they always give me better more accurate information. That was good advice Martini
  • I would use a back up method for a few days.  But it also takes a while for the medicine from the pill to actually leave your system.  But you should be fine in like 3 days or so.
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  • The pharmacist is a good resource, I second that.

    If I read this right, you lost pill 3 and took pill 4 on day 3, so you're going to be one pill short at the end of the pack. ?I don't see why you're at an increased risk of pregnancy unless you went a whole day without taking a pill. ?

    Although I have heard if you're switching pills it's a good idea to use backup for the first month anyways.?

    Ask the pharmacist but if it were me I would just get another pack and take a pill out of it to replace the one you lost(an active one, not a placebo!). Then I would save that extra pack in case it ever happens again.

  • Why would taking day 4 pill on day 3 put you at higher risk of pregnancy? If Yasmin is not tri-phasic (meaning if all the pills are the same, unlike ortho tri-cyclen where each week has different amount of hormones), then just get an extra pack for emergencies.  At the end of your month take a pill from the emergency pack, then keep that pack around for the next time you lose a pill.

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  • Actually Ortho is a triphasic pill and Yasmin is monophasic. I only know b/c I used to be on the Ortho and switched to a monophasic for many reasons.

    Either way, I'll just continue with the pills and call the pharmacy tomorrow. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice. 

  • Sometime the pharmacists have back up packs for things like this.  It may depend on the brand you are taking but it's worth a shot.

  • Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in, don't know if you're even reading this post anymore :) I've been on the pill for quite a long time, and I've had this happen to me before. Taking the next day's pill is just fine, it's the same dosage in each pill.... What will happen is you may end up getting your period one day sooner... although sometimes not, you could still be right on schedule. If it makes you feel better, use backup, but really, you should be fine.
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