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MIL is annoying

She wanted to go Christmas shopping with me. I found a really cute jacket that was just a classic black 4 button wool jacket. I showed it to her and she didn't even react, but when she tries on something she always expects me to LOVE everything she picks out. She will even say, "I look really good" and looks at me like she is expecting me to answer. I feel REALLY awkward because she never looks good in the outfits. She is not stylish at ALL. Sorry, I'm just venting. I am also PMSing bad so this didn't help!

Re: MIL is annoying

  • i share your MIL pain! i went shopping with mine once, and hopefully it will never happen again. she tried on a couple things that were cute on her, and when i said they were cute, she demanded to buy me the exact same things so we could match. thanks. not to mention, she's a total witch. haha 
  • Don't go shopping with MIL.  Problem solved :)  I learned that the hard way with mine.  She was one of those who then wanted to buy us both matchy matchy outfits.  And then proceded for every holiday after that to buy me brown cable knit cardigans...  apparently I looked at some while we were out one day.  Yup, I did.  I even held it up.  I may even have said ;wow' but that is because I couldn't believe they made something so hideous.



  • Next time, ask her her opinion, flat out. You're waiting for her to volunteer; when it is clearly not her style.  She invites response from YOU about her selections; you need to invite response from her.

    If you don't like her selection, you should say something like "You know, that color is really nice on you, but the jacket is a little boxy and it just doesnt do alot for you, you are usually more stylish than this" and then have her try on something YOU pick out.

    Pretend you're shopping with a friend, not your MIL. You'll have a better time.

  • I make it a general rule NOT to shop with my MIL. She is notorious for being really bad with money, while I am a big penny pincher by habit. So when we go shopping together, she will usually insist on buying something for me or my DH and then months down the line will come back and say "Oh hey, remember when I paid for this or that? Well I have another thing I need to take care of, so I'm going to need that money back." And of course it ALWAYS just happens to be when we are about to go on a trip, just the two of us, that we have been saving up for for months. So as a rule we avoid stores of ALL variety when with her.
  • My MIL usually buys clothes (as gifts) for me that she likes instead of what I like.  I think it's her way of trying to make me wear dressier things, and to wear styles like she wears.  I'd rather dress my age and feel comfortable instead of snobby like I'm trying to look more dressed up than the people around me.  We rarely shop together, and when we do, I just buy what I like regardless of what she thinks.  I don't need her approval!


  • This is why I hate shopping with people. ?Shopping is a solo sport!
  • I agree.  I try to go shopping solo.  Every once in a while I don't mind going with my own mom but for the most part I go solo. 
  • my mil asked me what i wanted for christmas a couple weeks ago, and at the time i couldn't come up with anything. well i recently discovered the need for a new pair of black boots ($40) and a new watch for work ($10-$15). when i told her that i would like those things she said no, and how about a sweater. Why bother asking me if you won't get me what i ask for! Grrrrr.
  • All it took was one trip for me to learn my lesson. The shopping trip was for her dress for the wedding, and she tried to match my gown! What is with the MIL matching thing?!?! I don't get it.

    She even went one step farther that just trying to match my gown. Apparently the MIL and FIL went on a little shopping trip of their own and found something that they liked for me. MIL surprised me shortly before my wedding with a negligee for me for our wedding night.

    She asked me to try it on so she could see how it looked (I did NOT comply with that request) and then stopped by after the honeymoon to ask if my husband "liked it". I had to dodge questions like these for a month! What she doesn't know is that the negligee was returned to the store and I let my husband use the money. I wanted no part of the creepy gift.

    So, the moral of the story is... no matter how bad it gets, at least your MIL and FIL didn't buy you sex clothes and then ask you how "it" went for a month after the wedding.

  • image srs0630:

    So, the moral of the story is... no matter how bad it gets, at least your MIL and FIL didn't buy you sex clothes and then ask you how "it" went for a month after the wedding.

    I have a friend that had the same thing happen to her! She kept the lingerie and it was her husband's favorite! LOL He asked her who bought it and when she said, "Your mom" he nearly died! HAHA

  • Mine was hideously virginal. White satin with ruffles and flowers. I'm not into leather and whips either, but the ruffles and flowers were just too much.

    I think the worst part was knowing that my FIL helped pick it out. I don't want that picture in his head.

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