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OUCH the cramps...

ouch ouch ouch ouch ::wincing in pain:: ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

My cramps HURT. This is one side effect from going off the pill that I do not like. Oh and I'm bloated....had crazy mean PMS but didn't really know why I was being mean but liked it. And no I have killer cramps, did the ouches tip you off?

I know I sound like a baby but after being on the pill for about 7 years....all of these "normal"?symptoms?are foreign to me. This is only my second non pill?menstrual?cycle and I want to gouge my ovaries out.

Guess we won't be getting a Christmas tree anytime soon today. :o(?

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Re: OUCH the cramps...

  • Aww. I'm sorry. I don't think my cramps were much better on the pill than off.. Although to some degree it depended which pill I was on.. Take some Aleve and get a heating pad or take a hot bath.. Those things always helped me.
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  • Oh this is one of my "fears" of going off the pill. I have been on the pill for 12 years. Yikes and I remember the cramps and such when I wasn't on the right pill. I hope they get better!
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  • I am just coming off a non-pill period as well and it was horrible.  My mood swings were horrendous, i cried at the drop of a hat, cramping was awful and on top of that, the flow was soooooo heavy! eww.
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  • The pill was a miracle for me.  Quick, light cycles, no cramps, clear skin... I didn't know if would make them worse for anyone!
  • Ah thanks ladies for reaching out. I was sooooo miserable this morning. Doubled over but still nesting....hahaha.

    I'm still cramping but its getting better. The nice thing about going off the pill is that while the flow is heavier....but I have on heavy day and by day three it's just gone. :o)

    Ah....well it will get better!?

    Took 2 years & 8 months to make our baby! Lilypie First Birthday tickers
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