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no menstrual cycle at all (Hope this isn't TMI)

Ok, so I don't have a period. ever. Sometimes I cramp and feel like I'm experiencing PMS but I never have a menstrual cycle. I've never been regular, and have been diagnosed with PMDD, but after getting off  seasonique I don't have periods at all. Oh and there is NO WAY I'm preggo. My BMI is in the normal range too so It's not my weight. Anyone know what's up? I haven't been able to find a competent gyno yet.

Re: no menstrual cycle at all (Hope this isn't TMI)

  • If you've already been to several gynecologists, chances are, no one on the Nest is going to be able to help you either.

    Perhaps you should pay a visit to Dr. House ;)?

  • Just keep going to doctors until you find a good doc. I went through something similar with finding a good doc for my migraines....keep trying and since you know something is wrong, put yourself first - you deserve good health care.
  • You'll have to keep looking for a doc that can figure out what's going on.

     Are you near a teaching hospital? Try there -- try their clinic. A teaching hospital's your best bet.

    Something is connected, I will bet, to your d/c the the seasonique. I don't know if it takes longer for your body to get acclaimated to going off the bc -- it may indeed be the seasonique d/c.


  • I have the same problem as you and have PMDD.  Which most of the time not having a peroid is not an issue except when you are trying to conceive, which we are.  My dr put me on Gluatol (ms)  it is a dibetic medicine that one of the side effects as they say is that it help regulate out your cycle.  You might ask your dr about it.  Fair warning, untill you get regulated out, you can have crazy peroids.  Long and very heavy. 

  • I used to live in Waco, TX and can attest to the fact that it's nearly impossible to find a decent competent gyno there.  Make an appointment w/ a dr. at a teaching hospital in Dallas or Austin.  I know it's a pain to drive up there, but it's only 1 1/2 hours, the drive is easy either way during the day, and what's going on w/ you is weird enough that it should be worth it to take a day off work to do this.  UT Southwestern is a teaching hospital in Dallas and all their doctors are EXCELLENT.  They take most insurance policies too.  When I lived in Waco, I had to have surgery and I sought a dr. in Dallas.  Let us know...
  • image wrongwayec:

    If you've already been to several gynecologists, chances are, no one on the Nest is going to be able to help you either.

    Perhaps you should pay a visit to Dr. House ;) 


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  • This happened to me in college.  I was a virgin, so I knew I wasn't pregnant and I was a normal weight. My period disappeared for six months before a doctor just put me on a birth control pill to get it back and it's been normal ever since.  They never figured out why.
  • I didn't have one for 2 years after coming off the pill.  Has your gyno checked all of your hormone levels?  It was discovered that I have a prolactinoma (little benign tumor on my pituitary gland).  I am being treated now, and as the high prolactin levels come down - my dr fully expects that I will have a period on my own.  Pituitary tumors are common and many don't ever even know they have one because it never affects their health in any way - (the thought is 25% of the world's pop. have them.  But rarely, they do cause issues and lack of period is one major symptom of prolactinoma in women.  Good luck with this!
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