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Cleaning / Organizing Chart or Schedule???

I was wondering, I have recently quit my job of several years to become a stay-at-home-wife, and hopefully start my own business. In quiting my job, I thought it would be so much easier to take care of my home/household chores, so we fired our housekeeper and now I am lost!

 Does anyone know/have a cleaning chart or schedule, or an example. My DearFiance is getting a tad bit annoyed that I am now home all the time, and our house is still messy too. I totally understand his view point and all however it seems to be very overwhelming to me, like I don't know where to start first. In turn I start in one room, but have to take things to another room which I then start on, basically I get a little done in each room, but no one room gets finished. I want to pull my hair out at this point. I am a young female, who really has had very little experience in the house wife field. Actually working seemed to be MUCH easier for me...

  If nothing else it gave me a whole new respect for my mother. Big Smile


Thank you,


Re: Cleaning / Organizing Chart or Schedule???

  • try it's a little disorganized, but there's a 30 day jump start list.
  • I have to clean in chunks, otherwise I get distracted.  I go into a room and clean the biggest eyesore first.
  • i attempted to put flylady's cleaning schedule into MS Excel. so feel free to download mine and then change it to suite your needs.

     it's down at the bottom of my website it's called "cleaning schedue"  

  • PS - dont forget to look at the additional worksheets in the workbook. that has all the cleaning routines on there too.
  • Is there anything like FlyLady for working couples?  FI and I are still trying to keep some sort of cleaning schedule together for our apartment.
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  • my husband splits a lot of the flylady chore list. we both work full time and this schedule has worked well for us. my husband's duties are bathrooms, doing the dishes daily, and all outside chores. we both do the 15 minute zone clean a day and that has been the biggest help to our hectic schedule.  
  • i do one room/area a day.  when i clean a room; i dust, pickup & put away, etc.  i've been doing this for a year now.  it's really helped me to have my weekends free.  here's my schedule:

    mon~  bedroom & bathroom (and wash sheets & towels)

    tue~    livingroom & entryway (and wash floor), mh vacuums the whole place

    wed~  kitchen & dining room (and wash towels & floors)

    thurs~  studio

    fri~       start laundry 

    sat~     finish any laundry, mh vacuums the whole place

    sun~    we grocery shop

     martha stewart has a housekeeping handbook that my friend just loves.  it's on my wish list.  :)

  • Here is a link to a book that has a lot of helpful information in it. It has information like how long you can keep spices, staple items for stocking a pantry, what foods you can/cannot freeze, etc. It also has hints for removing various stains, how to better organize, suggestions for how often to clean certain things (ever think to clean the lint trap in the dryer - the big one that goes outside, not the little screen). The book is set up like a binder. Everything is marked with tabs and colors.

  • Thank you for posting!  My little girl is almost 10 mos, and since she was 3 mos, I have been back to work 3 days a week.  I go to aerobics for an hour the two weekdays we are home, and beyond that I get NOTHING done.  My husband is frustrated, I'm frustrated and my house makes me want to cry. 

     I am seriously going to look into all of these suggestions!!!  We actually talked about making a chart too.  I feel all I ever get done is laundry and dishes (we have no dishwasher.....).  Any tips for cleaning with a little one?  Catch up cleaning?

  • i also love flylady.  i thought the 30 day thing was a waste of time but hey if it works for you then go for it!  i did better just starting with the weekly room by room deal.  the clean sink thing has really stuck with me, even when the clean house part hasnt :-/
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