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  • Re: Help me with my bedroom...

    Here - I made a color palette for you so you can see the colors together. I actually really like the grouping! The jewel tones are really pretty together and I think having the darker colors in the room with accessories will help make the lighter colors stick out. The middle color isn't a pure white, it's more of a silvery white, which you could either lighten or darken a little more.  I think a rug in the dark purple or the green would look perfect, and some gold accessories against the wrought iron would look really nice too.  

  • Re: Glass Cooktop

    I have a glass cooktop. The first thing that I typically do is wipe it down with Dawn, water, and a sponge. After that, I take a razor blade to the top at an angle, and scrape away any tough spots that didn't come up with the sponge, focusing on the areas just around the circumference of the burners. I wipe it down with a damp paper towel when I'm done scraping, and then I go over it one last time with a Clorox wipe to get rid of the greasy streaks that may have been left by the towel or the sponge. Seems to work for me every time!
  • Re: Is it worth it to buy a fixer upper?

    Take a look at the past decade's worth of tax appraisals on your property, and any past sales and estimated home values in the real estate market. If the highest value of your house and the land that it is on still significantly less than what you would end up spending in total to rehab the property, then I would say that buying this fixer would be worth it. You don't want to over-improve for the area or for the maximum value of your home. While the market is still recovering, and is on an incline, I would hate for you to put too much money into the property and never get it back, even if the market does recover fully. 
  • Re: Controlling mother won't let me move

    I managed to move half my things out when they were away for a day and now I'm in trouble for doing that.
    Can you please elaborate? What kind of trouble? Trouble, as in she yelled at you? Big deal. 

    Get away from this relationship. It's abusive and not something you should be around. You're an adult - so you should act like one, since your mother clearly isn't.
  • Re: Can you rent a mobile home?

    Technically, you can rent anything that's available for rent. I know that's not really helpful, but it's going to depend on where you're located. 

    If I were you, I'd start searching in the area that you're going to be moving to for short or long-term rentals. If you're not finding anything on the web, look into working with a realtor who can help you find a place within your budget and target area.