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  • Re: Invest in real estate vs. ?

    Thanks so much for all of the feedback! I think I'll hold on to it for a while since I don't want to make a bad decision and invest in something I'm not educated on. I just hate that it's sitting making 0.75% interest and the rental property I refinanced now has a negative cash flow (which is my own fault since we rent to friends below market value, don't ever rent to friends!)

    I'm a realtor in my area (Northern CA) so even though prices are higher it's nice to have a full understanding of the market rather than trust a realtor and property mgmt. company across the country.

    Thanks again! I need to start frequenting this board more often :)

  • Invest in real estate vs. ?

    I don't post here often but every time I have a MM question you ladies are so helpful!

    We currently own a rental property in our area that we bought at a great time so the value has almost doubled. We did a cash out refi a few months ago (took out 75k) with the intention of buying a second rental property but now I'm having second thoughts. We live in HCOL area and a small rental property will cost us about 450k and the market is continuing to go up at a crazy rate because of low inventory in our area which I don't think will be sustainable long term. So now we have 75k sitting in a savings account earning 0.75% interest which is obviously not ideal so I'm trying to figure out how to invest that money.

    I'm considering investing in real estate out of state in LCOL areas but wouldn't know where to start in researching areas besides a random google search. Do any of you have recommendations on good areas to invest in that I could look into or tips on where I might start that search? I'd also consider investing in stocks or mutual funds but have absolutely no knowledge in that area. I'd definitely go talk to a professional if I decided to go that route.

    How would you invest the money? I'm ok with our retirement accounts at this point so I'm not interested in using any of the money for retirement.

    Thank you!