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  • Re: Posting Pictures?

    I just sent Hoffse a message about joining.  I know I am not super well known around here, I posted semi regularly for a while but all of the nest issues left me with having to reset my password every single time I wanted to post and found it to be too much of a hassle to participate.  I decided to go through the annoying hassle to hopefully follow this group to facebook.  If I get added, I will post a reintroduction since I haven't posted in months.
  • Re: NMMR:Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    My go to quickest and easiest breakfast would be a pb&j or pb&honey sandwich.

    I usually have something ready to heat up in the fridge though.  Often an egg bake, like described above in the muffin tins but I usually just make it in a big pan and cut it into squares (because I hate cleaning a muffin tin).  This week I have a bunch of precooked sweet potatos so I have been having a sweet potato with salsa along with my eggs.
  • Re: Monday Accountability

    @Xstatic3333 thanks for the tip!  We will have to check it out!  We are about 1.5-2hours north of there, so it's a common day trip for us
  • Re: SAHM budgeting

    I think that the idea of living on one income to test it out would be the best way to know if you can do it (and to bank some extra savings!)  

    My job is the type that would be hard (not impossible, but hard) to get back into after a significant time off.  Is that true for paralegal?  If so, maybe going partime but using that money to cover some things to make life easier (grocery delivery, cleaning lady, lawn service etc). 
  • Re: Monday Accountability

    1. How MM was your weekend?

    We went to Newport Vineyards on Friday (we were both off) and got free tastings (Seriously 5 tastings which were about 1/2 a glass each), spent $55 on lunch there, and then $160 on a case of wine (actually 199 for the case, but 3 bottles went to my parents).  With that wine, we will basically stay in all month instead of going out.  I also spent $120 on groceries.

    2. Any progress towards goals?

    I didn't work last week (unpaid, week between jobs)  H worked 66hours34minutes between 10/28 and 11/2 so that helps make up some difference.  

    3. Any last thoughts before tomorrows election?

    We voted last week.   I'm focusing on the questions on the MA ballot because they don't scare me like the presidential results. 

    @LillibetteV First off, Congratulations!  Second, How do you think the questions will go in MA?  We were talking about it last night, I'm curious what others think.  Not necessarily how we voted, but we think no on 1 (casino), no on 2 (charter schools), yes on 3( the chicken one haha I can't remember what it really is), and yes on 4 (the marjuana legalization.)