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  • Re: June/July monthly check in

    @short+sassy at least you'll get your money's worth in that nice NOLA weather.

    My Bare reimbursement came though just fine and I just got another pizza delivery shop with them for this week. Thanks for recommending them.
  • Re: June/July monthly check in

    The goal for June was to increase savings. I didn't think it would happen because we had a huge credit card bill to pay (included a set of new tires) but it was a good time for it because I had an extra paycheck. Between the extra check and some BnB income we were amazingly able to increase savings a couple hundred.

    We have also had some planned expenses not happen yet as expected. These expenses will probably just shift around. One of those is buying hockey tickets from our usual guy. He hasn't been responsive so there is a chance we might not be buying them from him. That will just end up spreading that cost out over the next year as we buy individual tickets or he will make the transaction and then we'll have that planned dent to savings.
    The other planned expense was landscaping. I couldn't find a good professional company to do our small job so we have been doing a DIY approach with some of the hard labor outsourced to the neighborhood handyman. We won't get it all done in one shot this way and getting everything complete could take another year. While that is MM I would rather just pay the money to a professional to get it all done already.

    June was a pretty good spending month which will set us up for a more normal credit card bill in July. We did a lot of free
    things and did a good job with food spending. My coworker gave me a free trial of Plated so that was a nice 3 free meals and I did my first mystery shop with Bare for a pizza delivery. It was quick, easy and delicious. I hope the reimbursement worked, I'll be checking my account later to see. 

    We'll keep doing what we're doing. DIY sod laying tomorrow and lots of mystery shops. @short+sassy you will be proud of our MS July, I think it will be a record for us. By the end of July we'll have 5 free dinners from MS (well one at a very fancy restaurant we went over by $20 so that was more like heavily discounted instead of free) with one of those including some nice free entertainment at a comedy club. And H is getting a free eye exam which is cool since we don't have vision insurance.
    And July will benefit from using gift cards and more BnB income.

    Our home/auto insurance keeps going up. I'm going to have to shop that. Hopefully I'll be able to improve it.

    No vacations planned this summer but there are some weekend trips to see family/friends. Our big vacation will be in October -- 10 days in Spain. There is so much to do at home during the summer I like to be around.

  • Re: May/June monthly check-in

    @csuave, you often amaze me with your AirBnB income!  $700 in a month for renting out a room...and not even for the whole month (I'm assuming) is great!

    I wish I had an extra room in my house I could do that with for the occasional big events in NOLA.  But my house is a "shotgun layout", which means there are no hallways (except a small one where the bathroom is) and one room just flows into the next.  With no doors and sometimes no walls between rooms.  Not very private to host vacationers, lol.

    Yes, a very good month!  That was off of 6 nights.  Our rate is a little on the higher end (about $100 per night) but it is a nice place and location.  And we are ok with getting less business due to the higher rate now that H is working.

    We made the big money off of renting both second floor bedrooms as a way to sleep a party of three, or two in separate beds and rooms.  We charge a little more for "the suite" and a little more for a third person, which can be accommodated with the single fold out couch in the office bedroom. 

    I should deduct $40 from that total profit.  We got a new toilet seat after a certain guest left.  He was here for a body building competition and put bronzer all over his body.  He tried to be neat but it did make a bit of a mess in the bathroom and stained the toilet seat.  The seat was 4 years old anyway so not a big deal to replace it.  The people we meet doing this!
  • Re: May/June monthly check-in

    May - What were your financial goals for the month and were you able to accomplish them?

    May was a high spending month and the monthly cc bill was high from April.  We bought new tires and took a trip to FL which made the bills add up quickly.  The goal was to increase savings and we did!  We made $700 on AirBnB which was a big help.  We also kept expenses down in the "normal" areas.

    June - What are your financial goals for the month and how will you accomplish them?

    Once again, increase savings.  We will keep spending low and we cashed in our credit card cash back to help in another month with a big cc bill (not a balance just our regular bill that we pay in full on time from May's spending).

    This goal may be at odd with our goal of making a decision on or hiring a landscaper.  Our savings will fund that so it will be an expected dip when we start on that project.

    Status of Ongoing Goals

    Our monthly savings goals are on track to meet our year end savings goal.

    GTKY Bonus:  Seasonal - Outdoor activities are in full swing.  Have you enjoyed any free outdoor activities recently or have plans for some?

    We'll do a lot more outside.  Our local park alone will have all of these free activities: movies, concerts, yoga and tai chi.  I plan to try tai chi for the first time this month.

    GTKY Bonus:  - Do you make/craft/build anything or have a skill like sewing that has the potential to save you money?  I say potential because DIY isn't always cheaper!MM-related

    We are not highly skilled, crafty or good at DIY.  We could probably save a lot if we did our landscaping ourselves or knew how to make more things.

    We have made beer before and it was fun, but not necessarily MM.

    We do, however, like to entertain and make our own food instead of cater.  We'll have a hockey watching party on Saturday and I have already planned a menu that we will make ourselves and will be very reasonable cost wise.  It will take us two days to shop and prep though so that is the trade off.
  • Re: board

    I'm checking both.  Just put monthly check-in here since it might be easier to read a longer post on here.