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  • Paid off our last Credit Card - yay

    Last month we paid off our last credit card. We also have about 5 months of expenses in our eFund. We're planning to continue to contribute monthly to it but if we continue on the path we're on (watching our....errr my spending) we should have some money left over at the end of the month. We have a car payment on my van that is $190 a month and we still owe $6000 on it. The interest is 2.75%. Should we now start to pay down the car loan or just continue putting any extra money into savings? We aren't homeowners yet so that hopefully will be in our future as well. Between the two of us we also contribute 24% to retirement monthly.

  • Re: Tax Return: Have you filed yet?

    abrewer5 said:
    jtmh2012 said:
    abrewer5 said:
    We filed and actually received our refund already. We got $6200 back, yikes! I'd like to lower our refund but H is not on board.
    Holy crap!  The highest I ever saw was $2000......
    I know it's not MM at all... I'm scared to change my withholding and end up owing thou, currently we both claim 0 and then have the mortgage, student loan and charitable deductions. H is a huge fan of getting a lot back. He thinks if we had the extra money in our pay check we'd spend it versus getting the chunk back and saving it.
    This is exactly us. We typically get back $6k+. Throw it in the savings. Otherwise we'd end up using it on crap throughout the year. It just works for us.
  • Re: Flight Deals

    Which part of CA? What about flying into Las Vegas and renting a car to drive to CA?It's five hours from Vegas airport to San Diego airport. You could see sites on the way.
    We're flying into Los Angeles. I'll be traveling by myself with the 3 kids. I think I'd rather pay the extra money to fly into LA then to travel cross country and then drive in the car with a 6 year old and two 3 year olds for 5 hours. haha
  • Re: Monday Accountability

    We did great. I ordered pizza for lunch for the neighborhood kids yesterday ($20), but otherwise didn't leave the house.

    I sold about $120 worth of stuff we don't use anymore and more will be picked up this week.

    Chocolate Malted Crunch from Thrifty's/Rite Aide Ice cream counter.
  • Re: Car Insurance

    We have renters insurance through SF as well. I was doing some research (aka Googling) and although State Farm may be a tad bit more expensive, there customer satisfaction rating is among the best. I did just have my first accident ever in 17 years back in October and the claim and everything was super simple.