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  • Re: New facebook group

    I feel really sad about it. I am not sure I am ready to reveal my true identity. LOL.
  • Re: ? about tax papers

    I have all my files as paper since 2003.... I'd rather just keep it all in a box in the basement then go to the trouble to scan it all. I could toss/shred it, but the items from that way back are not that thick or troublesome to keep, so I do.
  • Re: MM - and Bras

    I have a hard time spending more than $40. I used to buy from VS, but noticed quality was going down and they weren't lasting as long as they used to. The last two good underwire bras I bought were from True and Co. One is their house brand, and the other is Calvin Klein. Midway through my pregnancy, though, I just started wearing sports bras (I'm on the smaller side up top). 

    Now I'm just in nursing bras and tanks. I've tried to spend less on these ($20 and down) because they are a temporary use item and, for the FTM to be, they generally can't be re-worn (life gets messy...) so you need more in the rotation. My favorites are the French terry bras from online retailer Kindred Bravely, but they won't work if you need a lot of support (though the brand's other styles might). I'd like to really get fitted once nursing is done. I'm sure things will be very different. 

    Yes, things will be very different. One reason I buy new bras so frequently is due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I had to buy new nursing bras for each of the 4 babies, and then had to have new bras once nursing was over for again, each of the 4 kids. I hate the shopping process, so I typically order like 10 online from a store I can return to in town and then keep what I like and that fits. My newest order is arriving this week...

    One thing I have learned, which is very helpful, is that there are companion sizes for bras. You may measure one size for band and cup, but if you go up a cup, you can go down in band and vice versa. It means that if you really like a certain bra and it doesn't fit in your "size" you can go up or down in band or cup and maybe that bra will fit then. For this up-coming order, in includes 4 bras all of the same style, in 2 different sizes. These charts are online.

    I find clothing fits better when I have the right bra on too.

  • Re: Death Plans?

    brij2006 said:
    We have a "Legacy Box" in our safe, and all of our parents know the combination to our safe to be able to access it.

    This is what it includes:

    Information stored in the Legacy Box includes:

    • Executive Summary
    • Legacy Letters
    • Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Marriage Certificate and Passports
    • Insurance Information (auto, homeowner’s, renter’s, health, long-term care, identity theft protection and life insurance)
    • Estate Plan
    • Power of Attorney Forms
    • Wills and Funeral Instructions
    • Financial Accounts Log
    • Safe Deposit Log
    • Monthly Budget
    • Tax Returns
    • Money Market and Mutual Fund Statements
    • College Funds
    • Retirement Funds
    • Rental Property Summary
    • Car Titles
    • Home Ownership Records
    • Passwords and Combinations
    How big is your safe? We've outgrown ours with the kids' info, etc.. and the interior dimensions are pretty tight with jewelry, papers, etc..
  • Re: Help me find a new checking account -- Chase or Capital One? Stay where I am?

    I would go just both of them in Bricks and Mortar locations and learn about their products, ask your questions to see if they can meet your needs and expectations and see what you like about them and then go from there. Chances are you would visit with a personal banker and s/he would be able to answer your questions.

    What would interest me would be who calls you to follow up once you have left to come back and do business with them.

    Also, while every account is accessible at any branch location via the bank's computer system, whatever location you open your accounts in is the HOUSE for your account. That location will be the one to decide on fee reversals (if ever needed) and account maintenance issues. So pick one you like and that is close enough to you distance-wise.

    Everybody has a love it or hate it story from every bank out there, so it's hard to make a decision based on that.