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  • Re: GTKY: Splurges

    I do stitch fix as well!  It is fun.  I don't do much shopping beyond that and it's basically my blow money for the month I get it (I do every other month).  The prices can be a little high so I am selective in what I keep, but I do love the pieces I've kept and it's caused me to expand my style a little bit, because I try things on that I never would have picked out in the store. 

    I recently signed up for Audible.  I have a long commute each way and I also feel like I don't read enough, so I thought this would be a good way to help pass the time besides listening to the radio and podcasts.  So far so good!  I listened to Girl on the Train earlier this month, and just downloaded Big Little Lies for next week. 

    Other than that, every time I buy lunch at work feels like a splurge! 

  • AW: Credit card paid off!

    I am a long-time lurker, I started posting a *little* more frequently, and then work has been crazy lately so I've been back to lurking.  I just had to AW today because we FINALLY paid off our credit card!  I don't think I've been credit-card-debt free since I first got my credit card maybe 10 years ago.  We had a balance of around $20K at the beginning of the year and we have been working like crazy to pay it off.  Next up is the car which should be paid off in August, and all that will be left is about $100k of student loans.. lol. 

    Sorry to jump in and AW, I'm just super excited!  Thanks to all for the support and help, hopefully I'll be back to posting regularly soon!  :) 

  • Re: Professional Clothes

    I get a lot of cute tops/shells at NY&Co. I also get a bunch of cardigans from Old Navy, and I can mix and match the tops and cardigans and have a lot of variety. I do buy work pants mostly from Express because I feel they fit well and last a long time. 

    Depending on the industry you're in, I do feel that you need to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  That means higher quality, well-fitting pieces.  I think you can mix in some trendy, inexpensive pieces with the "staples" and have a great work wardrobe, you just have to be really conscientious in your shopping and look for the deals.  NEVER pay full price. 

  • Re: Monday Accountability

    1.  It was not good.  $102 on groceries, $50 gas, $200 target, plus about $230 on Easter stuff/gifts, mostly for my H.  I paid off a big chunk of credit cards this week, so I sort of felt like I "earned" the splurge.  I have a shopping hangover today and I'm going to return most of the stuff this week.  It is not anything he needs (a nice shirt/cologne) and even though it would be nice to treat him, we have other goals and it's just not in the budget now.  This Monday accountability post is really keeping me, well, accountable!  :)

    2.  Paid off $4K in credit card debt.

    3.  I usually listen to pop music, but lately I've been listening to DR's podcasts during my commute.  I don't agree with everything he says, but I like hearing other people's stories and it keeps me focused. 

  • Re: NMMR: Prayer Request (XP with The Knot) -- Updated in Thread

    So glad to hear it went well!