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  • Re: May/June monthly check-in


    We were able to stay in budget and finish up all of the various projects (replaced front stairs, re-carpeted the main inside stairs, shampoo the bedroom carpet) within their respective budgets. Our yard sale earned us about $250 extra and we got rid of SO much stuff. And yet somehow still have a house full of stuff. At least it's progress lol.

    Most importantly we got our vision/dental reimbursement sooner than I expected and were able to shove that back into our savings account so we reached our savings goal ($40k by my due date) 6 WEEKS early! I'm still funneling money into that account, but that's a relief knowing the baby emergency fund is squared away. 


    Square away all the insurance forms I'm going to need after the birth so that I just have to fill out the kid's name and birth date and get them submitted. I figure the more I can do ahead of time the better. Other than that just keep saving and try to take it easy.

    Status of Ongoing Goals

    Short - nothing really. Baby/emergency fund is in a good spot so we'll just keep saving and trying to minimize our expenses. I keep reminding my husband the less we draw down the account during my unpaid leave the more we'll be able to redirect toward another goal next year!

    Middle - estate planning and keep saving up for a few bigger goals we want to accomplish in the next five years. 

    Long - retirement. It's on autopilot and it's on track.

    GTKY Bonus:  Seasonal

    Hiking! We did a 1 mile, 600ft elevation hike on our babymoon and I was pretty darn proud of that considering I was 33 weeks lol. I've also got a running list of local walking trails that are stroller friendly that I plan on utilizing with the baby and the dog this summer. 

    GTKY Bonus:  MM-related

    I just took a sewing class but that's going to be more for fun than money saving, although I did hem a pair of pants myself and saved myself a few bucks there! We did almost all of the painting in our house (except the stairs because I didn't feel like balancing on a ladder on stairs...) which saved THOUSANDS and my husband has learned a lot about plumbing repair with this house. We're willing to give anything a shot except for electrical. 
  • Re: Book Question - not really MM

    We have a couple (DH recently bought one of those nicer hardcovers of Arabian Nights). We didn't already have a copy so we went with the pretty one, but I wouldn't go out of my way to replace an old copy with a shiny new one. In fact for my favorite books I love re-reading my decades old, beat up, dog-eared copies that made me first fall in love with a story - it's like seeing an old friend you haven't talked to in awhile. 
  • Re: Skillet/pan recommendations

    For those handwashing your Calphalon non-stick I would say keep doing that. I dishwasher mine sometimes and it's looking like crap at just a few years old. 
  • Re: April/May monthly check-in.

    hoffse said:
    cbee817 said:
    @hoffse - how did you calculate the coast number? Would love to know when/if we hit that number solely for peace of mind. Thanks!
    I multiplied our annual budget by 25 to get to our "safe" retirement number.  Then I just plugged what we already have saved into an investment calculator assuming a 6% annual return with no further contributions until the age of 65.  
    Woof - I just tried this and got depressed lol. Good thing we aren't planning on cutting back our contributions anytime soon! In fact DH just upped his a month or two ago. 

    I also threw up in my mouth a little bit when I looked up how much money we spent last year. Once upon a time we didn't even dream of making that much - let alone spending that much lol. 
  • Re: Weekend Plans

    TGIF! This week simultaneously dragged on and flew by.

    Tonight we're babysitting our niece so that will be nice and low-key. Tomorrow we paint! We need to do all the trim on the stairs before the new carpet is installed. Thankfully my momma agreed to come help. Then we have a birthday party at night if I'm not totally dead tired.

    Sunday I'm hoping to check out a service at the church down the street. I am looking for a local parish for the baby's baptism, but worst case scenario we can head down to my childhood one instead. From their website this church seems to be very active and progressive so maybe I'll like it and start going more regularly again!