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  • Re: They should have warned me...

    That your water breaking IS like the movies and it doesn't stop until the baby is born.
  • Re: ~~~Mommy & M2B Monday~~~

    For Mommies-to-be:

    How many weeks are you? 32w 4d

    When is your EDD? 1/16/14

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. Definitely nesting. DH loves it, haha.

    What are you craving? Chocolate. So bad.

    What is grossing you out? Nothing.

    Have you bought/received anything for the baby lately? No.

    Ultrasounds? Betas? Appointments? I have an appointment next week.

    Have you / will you found out the sex? No. Team green.

    Any names picked out? Yes but we aren't sharing.

    How is the nursery coming along? PIPs? Themes? LO will use the same nursery as DS when he is ready for his big boy room. We've ordered just about everything to decorate and have been working in it to get it set up. I'm so excited!

    Anything else you would like to add or PIP?

    QOTW - USA Folks...Thanksgiving is this week! What are you most excited for with Thanksgiving this year??

    Having some time to spend as a family. DH has been very busy at his new job and it will be nice to have a long weekend with him. Also, I get to meet up with @liall09 and meet her DD.

    Already Mommies:

    Best part of your week? Seeing DS interact with my belly and "share" with the baby. He "shares" his sippy of water and sometimes his blankets.

    Worst part of your week? The tantrums. And the shrieking. Dear God it's awful.

    Milestones? He popped another tooth and might be working on another. His sleep was restless last night.
  • Re: CPW: birth choices

    I had zero desire to deliver anywhere but a hospital. I liked knowing that anything we could need was there. I will be delivering at the same hospital this time as well.
  • Re: Diet Resources?

    My previous OB said to avoid alcohol and fish with high levels of mercury (and raw fish, obviously). That's it. I have since switched practices but haven't asked because I was 24 weeks when I switched.

    This time I have tried to focus on eating healthy, as I gained 50 lbs with DS and I'd like to avoid that this time. By my home scale, I've gained about 25 at 30 weeks, so I'm pretty stoked about that.

    I think DS turned out ok and he's developing normally, so I think this one will too. Although this one is a maniac in there and assaults me on a daily basis, so....
  • Re: Elective U/S

    I hate spending money, and I'm team green, so I wouldn't go.

    But, if I were going to find out, I'd wait until the a/s. Why pay extra?