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  • Re: GTKY: Best money you have spent

    hoffse said:
    1) $10 or less - a tie between my sweater shaver and the best waffle I have ever eaten in my life in Antwerp.  

    2) $10-$50 - our cat Gus.  He was $11 from the Humane Society during an adoption drive.  Our other cat, Lady, was free

    Notable mention goes to our Emile Henry pizza stone.  I believe we spent $40 on it, but we have used it 1-2x a week, every week, for over two years now.  We just store it in our oven because we use it for everything.

    3) $50 - $250 - visiting Stonehenge at sunrise.  Due to the horrible exchange rate while we were in London, it was about $60 in tickets and $150 for a cab driver to pick us up at 5AM and wait around an hour for us. It was pricey but worth every penny.

    4) $250 - $1,000 - this was the hardest one for me to decide!  I keep coming back to our trip to Belgium last Christmas.  We were all-in for hotels, flights, and trip insurance for around $850.  We obviously spent more once we got there, but the cheap upfront costs enabled us to take the trip.  It was awesome finally seeing that part of my H's heritage. 

    5) over $1,000 - probably my law degree at around $85K. I am very sure I wouldn't have gotten the kind of job I have without spending that money, at least not for many years.  There's a huge salary gap between large and small firms where we live, and I made that $85K investment up within my first two years of practice.  
    Just getting back from our trip, and I'll say that the waffles in Belgium were amazing!  We took a tour and as part of it, got a waffle to try.  II said I'd split it with my DH.   Worst decision ever!   If I knew they were that good, I would've gotten my own!  We later had one covered in chocolate. To die for.
  • Re: Update: My piano hunt continues

    Ditto what many others have said....I'd spend the money and get what you'd want, like and would play!  It's something you'll have for a long time - I think it's worth spending the money for something you'd love and use.
  • Re: AW: MM milestone

    That's awesome, congrats!  And I totally agree - the first 100k is the hardest!  I think you'll see it grow faster now. 
  • Re: Deciding when to get a new car

    We're not terribly MM with cars.  We have it working where our cars are staggered to be paid off every 3 years - so we only have one loan out at a time - so this means we each get new cars every 6 years.  By that point, we each have around 120 - 130k miles (we each have a decent commute to work).  And quite frankly, we like driving newer cars.  

    I will echo PPs sentiments though - I wouldn't get a new car just because of brakes and tires - that's routine maintenance and expected no matter the age of the car.  
  • Re: Using 401K before 59 1/2

    Not gonna lie, I'd love to retire today if I could afford it!   There are so many things I'd rather do than my current workplace.  :)