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  • Re: TTC/3T Check-in

    Thank you @FutureMrsWright2012

    I was able to get my MRI report, and it says that I have an arcuate uterus, which is the type least commonly associated with reproductive troubles. This does not explain my HSG results, so I'm just confused. I should hear from the RE on Monday, and I'm curious to see what her thoughts are. (ETA: I don't really trust the Radiologist that read my MRI. The awesome Radiologist will look at my scan on Monday as well).

    I'm sorry you're having so many side effects from the progesterone @vlagrl35. I hope you feel better soon. If you're not happy with your current OB, then I would definitely switch. You need to see Providers that you click with!
  • Re: TTC/3T Check-in

    Hey y'all! The Nest FINALLY let let me log in again. I'm so frustrated with all of these issues.

    This will be P&R...sorry!

    Where are you at in your TTC journey? TTC #1 Cycle 10, Month 14 (15 tomorrow) CD 19. We saw the RE on 1-11, and we started testing. H's SA came back almost perfect (borderline morph), and my PCOS dx was reconfirmed. We started Cycle 1 Femara + TI this cycle, and I had my HSG on CD 8. Dye only went through the right side of my uterus and tube. None through the left side at all. My left tube is blocked, and my left uterine horn (where my uterus meets my tube) is abnormally small. My monitoring US showed that my dominant follicle is on my left ovary, so this cycle got cancelled. Due to the HSG results, I have some sort of Mullerian anomaly that we are currently trying to figure out. Unicornuate uterus is the most likely candidate (basically only have half a uterus). 

    Any testing coming up? I had my pelvic MRI yesterday to sort of the Mullerian anomaly, and I'm waiting on results of that. Mullerian anomalies are associated with up to 67% chance of having only 1 kidney, so I'm anxious to find out what the MRI says.

    Anything good or bad happening? (TTC wise or just in life..). Not much, just trying to plan trips for the summer!!

    FFC/AW of the Week (no rules): None I can think of for me. I'm still SO excited for FMW!!
  • Re: FMW

    AAAHHHHHH YAY!!! I'm so happy for you @FutureMrsWright2012! Congratulations!!
  • Re: TTC/3T Check-in

    Hello everyone!! It has been forever since I've been able to post here. Does anyone remember me (LOL)? Stupid mobile log in process. I've been lurking, but unable to log in and post for the past many months.

    How have you been doing @FutureMrsWright2012

    How did the pictures go @ilovewhitevinotoo? I hope you get to adopt soon!

    Sorry you aren't optimistic this cycle @vlagrl35. There's always a chance until your period starts.


    Where are you at in your TTC journey? Cycle 7, Month 11 (very quickly approaching 12)

    Any testing coming up? Thinking about taking a Wondfo HPT tomorrow depending on my spotting and what my temp does. Pondering making an RE appt for March/April

    Anything good or bad happening? (TTC wise or just in life..). We just made a big move (physically), so we are getting adjusted to our new city and my new job. We absolutely love it so far!

    FFC/AW of the Week (no rules): I can't think of anything right now!
  • Re: School Me on POAS

    So...I am super late on this, but I just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to you @lfk2013! I'm so happy for you!