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  • Re: What will be on your Christmas list?

    We don't really buy much for each other...usually just $50. We would both rather save that money for something in the house. This hear I just might ask for a book and the promise he will get to some of the to do projects on our list. 

    I am am a practical gift kind of girl. I keep asking for lowes and Home Depot gift cards from my in laws but I have yet to get it. I can't get them to understand I would rather buy a can of paint than have another sweater.
  • Re: Vacation: Disney

    We did 6 nights with our 4 year old DD last February. We went at a great wasn't super crowded or super hot. (It was in the mid 70's most days.) We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside which is sort of in the middle level. We got the deluxe meal plan, but it was so much food that we could have probably gone with the lesser meal plan and been totally okay. We were literally turning down desserts and appetizers the last few days because we were so stuffed.  You can check out all the restaurant menus online but they all had great kid options at each  in addition to good food for us. We always booked a sit down lunch. It was a time for all of us to rest and recoup and as a result my daughter ended up not needing naps. She seemed to rest up enough during lunch and then was ready to go in the afternoon..

     We had no problems with our room. We liked staying on the disney property because one of us could go back to the room for a nap if we wanted to, etc (my husband had a bad cold so he tuckered out faster than the rest of us). We took the Disney buses to the parks and had no problems getting around.

    If there was one park we would probably skip it was Disney Hollywood studios. The toy story ride and the frozen show were good but there weren't really anything else that my 4 year old was interested in or could ride. It is mostly shows and there was only so long she was going to sit. And she couldn't go on the thrill rides. We ended up just meeting characters there. In Epcot, my daughter loved seeing the different princesses in all the different lands (use their free disney experience app to see what characters are where in each park) as well as the aquarium ride, etc. Magic Kingdom was her favorite by far. We spent the most time in this park.

    Once you decide when you are going and book your room or park tickets, then as soon as you can book meals. They fill up fast. Same with doing fast passes for things like meeting elsa and anna, the dwarf mine train, etc. As soon as you can, book the fast passes for them. You can always changed your fast passes later if you change your mind.

    I was really pleased that we bought the memory photo pass. We have so many great pictures from that where ALL of us are in the photos. I was able to download all the photo files and just print them at CVS.

    And use the free Disney bus from the airport to the hotel if you stay on property. They took care of the luggage for you..all you had to do was get on the bus and they take you to the hotel and deliver your luggage to you later.

    Depending on what time of the year you go, look for deals...I know they usually run a dine and stay package a few times of the year, etc.

    I second booking Cinderella's royal table if you kids are into the disney princesses. It isn't MM but it  was worth using two of our meal credits on it just to see my daughter's face as the princesses came around, posed for photos with her, and hugged her. Bring your camera for this one...
  • Re: Random Question Time

    What small thing are you currently saving for?

    Hmm...we just finished saving for a new tv. Ours was starting to slowly die. We literally finished saving for it last week and purchased a new tv over the weekend.

    If you were given $500 and told you couldn't use it to save, invest, or pay off debt.  What would you buy?
    I would use it for a couple new dining room chairs. Ours are really old and starting to get to the point where things are getting rickety.

    What areas do you find yourself being extremely frugal in?
    Eating out, spending money on myself (clothes, shoes, usually do my own nails, etc) , groceries...

    What areas are you spendy?
    The one thing I spend money on is getting my hair dyed professionally. And our dog...she is a money pit of a dog who has so many medical issues, but I drop the money on her because she is so sweet and good with our daughter.
  • Re: Vacations

    Walt Disney World in February. We are taking our daughter for the first time.
    Visiting my brother in GA for a long weekend.
    And a week at the shore which costs us pretty much nothing as my parents have a place. We just have to pay for food and activities. (And we usually buy my parents a gift certificate to one of the restaurants in town as a thank you.)
  • Re: TTC with IF makes me a horrible sister sometimes(Rant...sorta kinda)...

    What you are feeling is normal. It took us 2 years, an RE, and many tears,, tests, and medications to conceive our daughter. And during that time, my SIL decided to TTC, conceived, and delivered. As excited as I was for our nephew to be born, there was that little voice inside saying "why can't it be me? Why can't I be expecting?" Just know that you are totally normal. Take a few days to digest everything and when you are ready you can call your sister up and tell her you support her.