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  • Re: Weekend Plans?

    Friday - suppose to go a kayak program tonight, but it's raining at the moment so we will see

    Saturday - cleaning & laundry, grocery shopping

    Sunday - finish cleaning

    At some point over the weekend I'm hoping that hubby will start on the next piece of furniture he said he would build me. He built me a coffee table out of reclaimed wood from the 1800's and now I want a matching side table.

    Also as part of cleaning, going to group husband's clothing for sale. He had gastric bypass surgery in February and it's time to get rid of clothes. Trying to put it together & sell it on buy/sell boards in the area.

  • Re: Kind of MM: Roommate Free Living in 1 Week!

    I feel your happiness. When hubby and I got engaged, I moved in with him & his 2 roommates so we could save up money for the wedding. I didn't pay rent, but I paid for groceries and house hold items & cleaned the house. The plan was save money for wedding & continue to live there for another 1-2 years to save up for a house. We found an amazing house for an amazing price & ended up getting it 8 months before our wedding. Due to the sudden change in plans we offered to the roommates if they wanted they could move into our house with use & pay rent to us. One ended up moving out on his own and the other came with us. It was suppose to only be for 6 months. Well the extra money was nice, it allowed us to install central a/c into our home and a do a few other things. Fast forward ahead 3 years later, he was still living with us & I was tired of it because we were running into more conflicts. He was becoming disrespectful of our space and items. So we politely asked him to move out, but by time moving day came around, things had started to get ugly. It's been 13 months now since he moved out and I still do things and say "boy if we still had a roommate we wouldn't be able to do this" and it's for silly little things like being able to walk around our bedroom after taking showers without having to worry about if the door is closed. Not having to worry if he remembered to arm the security system when he came or left. Did he drink my wine or eat my leftovers that I had intended to be my lunch the next day. It's the little things you'll so appreciate so much when you don't have a roommate.
  • Buying a new car

    We've had lots of discussions about buying cars and I just learned of a new feature from Kelly Blue book is that they will tell you what it will cost to own a specific car over the next 5 years with maintenance. Thought that was a cool feature and something a lot of people don't consider in when figuring out what they can afford. I know I'm guilty of it.

  • Re: MM bummer: unexpected family wedding expenses.

    Not terrible at all to deduct from her gift to cover your costs. You were nice enough to agree to step up when someone dropped out with very little notice. I would just pay for the dress and tell her that I'm sorry, but we hadn't budgeted for these expenses, I can't do the shoes, I'll wear a pair of shoes I already own or go to payless & get a pair that coordinates. If she insists you wear tom's, then she (or her parents) can buy them for you.
  • Re: Gaining MIL's respect

    Another vote to drop the dog issue. Best bet is to save the money on a dog, even if you get one from a rescue they still cost food & vet bill, and work on saving up to move out on your own, even if it means an apartment. Not having a dog when trying to move out on your own will make it easier in case you need to rent initially. Not all apartments, or even house rentals will allow for dogs.

    The other couple sounds like they don't necessarily take full responsibility for their dogs. Maybe she is afraid you will do the same. She has no evidence on what you will or won't be like as pet owners. So don't go changing things to meet her requirements for getting a dog. Just do your part or maintaining the home you live in and pay your rent. Once you are able to move out on your own, she can't control what you do or don't do.

    I wouldn't bring up the issue of pets or any house issues in front of other individuals. That is something private between you guys & her. If she brings it up, just say can we talk about this privately later on. I don't want to bore so and so with this.

    Respect, hard to say if she is giving it or not. I think it's more of being wishy washy about her decision to let you have a pet then being disrespectful.

    And if you are feeling you are doing more to take care of MIL house then the other couple, then this may sound childish, but time for a chores list. Make a list of who is responsible for mowing lawn, taking care of flower beds, putting trash out for pick up, who will take care of what in the house. Even if you have to, who cleans what part of the house each week or on alternating weeks. And if that system doesn't work, look into the cost of hiring a company to come weekly & mow the lawn & then a cleaning company to come in weekly or every 2 weeks to clean the common areas of the house & split the costs between both couples. Then the only space you are responsible for are your private areas.

    If MIL is seeing that both couples are being equally responsibility for maintaining her home, how she treats people, will change.