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  • We went through a mortgage broker and were able to put 5% down on a conventional loan. The threshold for less than 10% was a 680 which isn't stellar by any means. Banks typically have a stricter limits so I would look for a broker or Credit Union.
  • I used most but I really liked and redfin as well. Zillow seemed to take forever to update info.
  • I wouldn't walk away b/c of just an HOA. Around here, once you get above a certain price point, its hard to find a neighborhood without one. For us, we paid close attention to the covenants. If they were too restrictive especially regarding parking…
  • MrsS728: Our agent is really awesome. She's sending us listings left and right. We are getting them before they are made public, but you just can't get in to the houses and the appointments are only for 15mins. So in the span of 15 minutes you have…
  • You do not have to pay to dispute items. Some companies may charge you but you can do it yourself online through the website or with form letters you can google.  There really isn't a need to pay someone to do it. Also, it is true that i
  • Me too.  I have to admit that I kept waiting for him to start acting an a#$ but he really stepped up and seemed incredibly supportive of her. It was actually pretty refreshing to see. I hope they continue to make it work.
  • artichokie: Heather is not condescending.  She just calls out Alexis on her stupidity.  It's hilarious!  I think its funny that Heather is calling Alexis out for some of the same stuff that Peggy did. THe One-upping everything anyone says. …
    in rhwoc Comment by sunshine608 April 2012
  • 2 pages in a Hybrid CV/Resume format- but that's the norm in my field.
  • Depends on who is doing the work. You thinking about DIY or hiring someone? Our DIY was about 10K and took about 3 months ( total)- but H has a variable work schedule and I had major surgery that halted the process for a few weeks and we had 2 othe…
  •  I think so. WE have a DC 33 that was a gift, but prior to that I went through my fair share of vacuums, including the shark which lasted about 2 years ( so a year longer than other vaccums). I've had the Dyson for almost twice that time and no iss…
  • My favorite is Middle Eastern food, but not what passes as "greek food" here- pizza and gyros. I like the more authentic meals. I also enjoy Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Korean and non chain Pizza. 
  • Chipolte, Moe's, LongHorn, O'Charleys, Red Lobster and CFA ( even the the full service part isn't national).
  • I laughed a few times, but wasn't really feeling the show. It seemed a little over the top. I prefer Happy Endings.
  • karebear304: I think it depends on the color. I like Essie, but I don't like ALL Essie colors. Same with OPI, Zoya and all the other brands. Which is frustrating because I feel like you never know how it's going to act until you buy it. Me too…
  • I do. I think the show starts sometime in the Fall ( September/October). The dance instructor that owns the studio ( can't think of her name) is my favorite.  
  • My hours are 8-5.  I leave for work between 7:35-7:45 depending on if I want to stop for cofee/breakfast. I get home between 5:15-5:30.  H has not set schedule but he usually leaves between 4-6am and gets home around 2 or 3. 
  • Usually a Masters but at least 18 graduate credit hours in the field. This has been the requirement at local community colleges with online programs in my area and when I applied to teach at Phoenix.
  • I hang clothes that need hanging ( nice outfits, suits, jackets) and leave everything else packed. Hotel dressers creep  me out and I know I'll leave something. It can be a PITA for long trips but I deal. H travels for work a lot and never unpacks…
  • IT felt like the producers knew there wasn't going to be drama so they threw in the Sarah character. The entire scene with her felt scripted and fake. The funny part of the episode for me was seeing Alexis "dressing room" since she portrays her job…
  • lindsaymariegs: sunshine608: No. That might be annoying depending on the industry. We generally do confirmations for interviews via email. If you are truly worried for whatever reason, than I would email who set it up, but I would make it into a…
  • No. That might be annoying depending on the industry. We generally do confirmations for interviews via email. If you are truly worried for whatever reason, than I would email who set it up, but I would make it into a inquiry about location,parking …
  • I like the ELF one. For me, It worked just as good as the UDPP.
  • moreace01: wrong. ETA - I predict a Lane/Joan hookup.   I thought the same thing- especially after she confided in him the last two episodes. It kinda makes me go eeww though. I don't find Lane attractive- he feels old. 
  • I'm over NeNe too. That guy is beyond creepy and I can't believe she took a Rolex from him. Most guys don't buy thousand dollar jewelry to random women just for fun and like pp- after she made the comment about it being weird. Some people have no se…
  • As a child I wanted to be a "baby doctor"  As a teenager I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. In college I wanted to be a lawyer/college professor, then there was my stint as an event/meeting planner. Through it all I've always wanted to …
  • I go to my church with family on Easter at the small country church that my family has been a part of for generations. I love to see the little kids/my cousins doing their Easter Speeches. I do not normally attend church ( at the moment) and I woul…
  • I'm a college administrator/instructor. I love my job but I am not here for the $$- that's for sure. I enjoy working with college students. I was originally an Early Ed major and found I lacked the patience for dealing with the K-12 set.
  • Get pre-approved first.It will keep you from getting disappointed and sellers will take you more seriously. Some homes in our are require a pre-approval letter before looking. According to BOA, the minimum for an FHA loan is 580, 620 for non-FHA. I…
  • I use witch hazel. Can't beat the prize and I can get it practically everywhere.
  • Not to early at all. Hiring process can be rather slow. GL!