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  • I'm in!  I've definitely gained plenty since the wedding, and I've been using my busy work and school schedule as an excuse.  I officially started tracking and eating clean today, we'll see how that goes.  It will be great to get some extra support,…
  • Your/DH name:  Sara and Jeff Your hometown:  I'm from south coast MA, he's from central MA Your current city:  Sturbridge area, MA Your/DH job:  Music therapist at a nursing home and part time student, he's an emergency managment planner wi…
  • I'm at work until about 3:30.  I'm jumping out of my skin though, my staycation starts tomorrow, and I've already mentally checked out.  I'll be heading down to a friend's house for the night, and then spending some quality time with DH. Have a g…
  • Happy Friday!  I'll be working this weekend, but it's not so bad, I kind of enjoy how laid back it is on weekends.  I had my last final last night, so my first semester back at school is officially done!  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  …
  • I would be studying, I have finals this week. Any other week, I would probably lay on the couch and enjoy having the tv to myself, a very rare thing.
  • 5 things he does to drive me nuts: 1. He doesn't deal with frustration well.  A couple of weeks ago we were trying to unfold our futon.  When it wouldn't go right away, he started shaking it like crazy and almost put a whole in our floor, like th…
  • Lisa7: Christian's idea of getting everyone gifts is gift cards, which is fine. But he used to do that every freakin year! So now we do all together but I usually throw out the ideas This is Jeff exactly!  What got really funny was the year h…
  • I am physically unable to go shopping with DH.  I tried a few times, but it's horrible.  I think it's funny, because I'm the type of person who rushes through the store so I can get out of there, but he doesn't even have that much patience.  Usually…
  • DH's and my present to ourselves, is we a going to makeover our basement.  I'm turning it into a real 'mantown'.  There's not a ton that need to be done down there, but the whole basement and garage need a full sweep and purge.  That's mostly my gif…
  • Isn't it terrible?  I'm thinking about bringing in an Edible Arrangement, to try to stay on the healthy side, but so many people are bringing in cookies, and all kinds of sweets.  Plus, the residents at my building are all coming around with candy, …
  • I've been off and on WW for a few years now.  When I'm able to stick to it, I do really well.  It's just a matter of keeping with the program.
  • We have a wood stove, so our house gets very dry.  DH picked up a humidifier last year after getting several nosebleeds, and they've almost completely stopped.  I think it's a cool mist, and it's not a big one, maybe 2 gallons.  HTH!
  • I keep mine in the basement, I'm getting chills just thinking about it being in the kitchen.
  • I'm going to jump on the 'boring train' and suggest a savings account also.  I agree, when he ends up getting his hands on it, you will forever be the cool aunt. 
  • :::Vibes::: he gets a job.  Where is he looking, and what field?
  • Good morning everyone!  No snow here, but there was definitly frost this morning.  I'll be working all weekend, and starting some organization projects.  I'll be pretty busy from now until the end of December.
  • I'm subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens, and Fitness.  DH gets Wakeboarding magazine.  Sometimes I'll pick up a fashion magazine or two, but then I get depressed because I can't afford to buy the adorable pair of $1,750 Gucci Boots.
  • Welcome back!  Sounds like you had a great time, I'm so insanely jealous right now.
  • Is this the Les Mills program?  If it is, I used to do it at the gym I went to a while ago.  I liked it, I've never been a fan of weight equiptment at the gym.  It was a good workout.  If it's really going to be a hassel for you to get there, I woul…
  • I used just, and  I also checked out sears, JCPenny, Walmart, Target.  There is a website that lists all the stores, but it's a big waste of time, all it does is link you to the store site. 
  • I have a hutch in my living room that holds everything.
  • Good morning, I'm working too.  I'm not sure how long I'm going to last here, there's really nothing going on.  Thanksgiving was a crazy, but fun day, hope everyone had a good one.
  • Rule #1: Set it up outside!!!!!  Preferably at least 30-40 feet from the house.  We had one last year, and I think it took about an hour to cook a twelve pound turkey.  It was delicious, I remember the thing they had the hardest time with was gettin…
  • I'm making burgers for dinner.  Not much effort goes into that, and I get to use my grill pan.
  • Boston is great, and always worth a visit, but if it were me, I'd hold off until Spring.  It is pretty cold, and you generally do a lot of walking there.  I visited Austin a few years ago, and loved it.  I would go back there any time.
  • That is a great idea!  Love it!
  • I feel for her, my purse was stolen a couple of years ago and I remember the whole fraud investigation.  It was awful.  Sending major :::vibes:::: her way, I hope she gets through it with her sanity.
  • Favorite Thanksgiving food? Mashed Potatoes, love em Favorite Thanksgiving dessert? Pumpkin Pie What else will you do on Thanksgiving besides eat? Drink, watch football Christmas music/decorations before Thanksgiving: yay or nay? As a music…
  • Wow, I think that's such a rude thing to ask someone.  It's up on the list with 'So when are you having a baby?'  It's none of your business!  I'm sorry Alison, some people just don't think before they speak.
  • Does it have to be good vodka, or could I use the cheap stuff?  I think I could use some of those.