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  • I'm definitely getting it.
  • alisonpilgrim610: Sarah, if you come to MA, you better freakin let me know! Duh! 
  • I'll vote for kissy also!
    in Hey fanny Comment by sarlah January 2011
  • Nothing really happened, it just needs to be fumigated. The whole complex is being done in a couple weeks. Some of the buildings have minor termite damage, nothing too serious from what I've been told. Our condo has very, very minimal damage as a ma…
    in Sarlah Comment by sarlah January 2011
  • FutureMrs.McC: ! I think your phone wants you to come to the east coast Clearly. In fact Ted just asked me yesterday when we were going because all of my dads family lives in MA and he hasn't met any of them yet. We were discussing making a va…
  • Oh yes, I have a very exciting weekend ahead of me - bagging up all of our food/soaps/lotions/etc so our condo can be fumigated while we're on our cruise Doesn't that sound FUN?? haha. We decided to bag up everything except the absolute necessities…
  • Minus the heavy cream, this is what I'm making for dinner tonight. Yum-O.
  • Lisa that hotel looks amazing! Today I have a BUNCH of last minute errands to run for the baby shower I'm co-hosting tomorrow. I have a hair appointment also, thank goodness! My color was looking bad. Then I have to make the potato salad & pas…
  • I don't know how you can pass up $12 bras! I wonder if the sale is online also? I don't think I have time to go to the mall this weekend.
  • I voted for True Grit because I saw it & loved it!
  • I decided to figure out what I could make with stuff I already had at home. I'm terrible about using up leftover ingredients to other recipes. So at home I had a little leftover ricotta cheese & a few pieces of prosciutto. Those are pretty expen…
    in **Sarah** Comment by sarlah January 2011
  • nataliejp519: Do you and Ted like pesto? Yes!
  • I've done both and I like WW better. Programs like JC or Nutrisystem where you have to buy their food, but still buy fruits & veggies, are not only super expensive, but they don't TEACH you anything.
  • You ladies look awesome!
  • I kind of came in on the tail-end of everything that was going on with your sister, so I'm really happy to hear she's doing so well! A Napa wedding sounds amazing. That's one place we looked into for our DW also, it was the only other place we serio…
  • Thanks ladies!! It was a fun night. We went to a Chinese restaurant we both love and had Peking Duck. Neither of us had ever had it, and we had to call 24 hrs. in advance to order it, so that in itself made the whole meal kind of special. It was r…
  • Tomorrow is our First Anniversary! Woo! Wow, the year has flown by. It's so cliche - but it's so true! lol. We're just doing dinner, but it'll be awesome.  
  • Thanks for the tips! I hadn't thought of using one of those toiletries bags that hangs on the door - that's a great idea... especially since I seem to have to many "products" now. lol. I think I get WAY too much pleasure out of making the packing l…
  • alisonpilgrim610: Who are you cruising with? I didn't bring a power strip or a bungee cord with me on ours (Royal Carib) and didn't need them either. Carnival. From what I've read on the Cruise Critic forums you need bungee cords to keep the …
  • Not the healthiest option, but it's delish! I haven't …
  • Bigwuhead: Also, you could bring soda and wine and water on board the last two cruises I went on, so we did this.  In which case.. BRING A CORKSCREW! You can still do this, but you have to pay a corking fee if you bring wine. On Carnival we …
  • I just emailed you
  • I'm definitely interested in The Lucky One & then whatever James Patterson you're willing to part with! I'll email you asap.
  • Lots of ::job vibes:: for your H!
  • I'm not sure what book you're talking about specifically, but I'm reading this book right now. So far I like it. I'm only a few chapters in. I used to have TCOYF, but I wasn't into it. I have to be fair & say the reason I wasn't into it was bec…
  • That sounds like a great plan! That really sucks about the shipping. You know what would make it easier, I bet? If Alaska was part of the United States. Ooooh, wait... that's right. It is.  I get that shipping to AK & HI can suck for shippers, …
  • Between here (TN) & TB everyone is in agreement we should focus on SA & Austin, that's where we're focusing on as well. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have lots to research, look in to, and get excited about!
  • I think I'm doing ok. I haven't weighed myself. I knew I should have weighed myself last week, but I didn't. My scale isn't even out of the box yet. Right now my eating plan is basically, eat VERY healthy & low fat throughout the day, and then…
  • I'm very impatient, but I'm going to pretend I'm not and encourage you to wait for April & the turquoise one. I'm not a fan of the brown one, so if I couldn't stand waiting I would order one of the other colors. But that's me, and it's not my $.