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  • I started putting all of our expenses into and saw how much we were spending on food and dining out, I then cut it. If I can get some good sales and coupons, I can stay at the $450/month for food and $250/month for household items/toiletrie…
  • We had an open alcohol bar. For desserts we had wedding cake, chocolate mousse, and cannoli's. We brought in Jimmy John subs & huge dill pickles for a late night snack.
  • DH & I moved in together right after we got engaged, and we kept finances separate until we got married. He had about $10k in credit card debt, I had none. Our agreement was like this DH paid for all the household bills including my SL's, gro…
  • Sorry you are going through this. Are the photos in his phone like in his gallery? If so, you can email them to yourself and then delete that sent email (I only know this can be done in gmail). Or take a picture of the email with you phone so you c…
  • vjcjenn1: what's with the porn I just threw up watching that gross sh!t 
  • Yum! I think I'll try this for a BBQ we have this weekend. 
  • For us, joint accounts work best. I came in with SL debt, DH came in with CC debt, we decided it we would combine it all and tackle it. We make about the same, get the same amount of fun $, and pretty much agree on our budget. 
  • doglove: I also like that you can read the first part of the post by just running the mouse over the link instead of having to click it. Can we get that function too?? I love that option on Proboards, saves me time on what to click on.  
    in Nest Gods Comment by lmb5109 May 2012
  • We budget $450 a month for food for 2 adults and often go over. To lower our budget I am trying to get meatless meals. Buy frozen meat, veggies, and fruit since they are cheaper. I look at Walmart, Target, and my local grocery store to see what's o…
  • I am a part of focus groups that call a few times a year, they pay between $75 - $200 depending on the group. DH also sells stuff on craigslist that we don't use anymore. He just got $35 for an old router we haven't used in a year. 
  • I go between TN and Proboards. I find it harder to sort on Proboards.
    in Who is here? Comment by lmb5109 May 2012
  • My H was a good kisser when I met him, but he did a few things I didn't like (shoving his tongue down my throat!). Over the years, I've taken the lead when kissing and showed him what I like rather than tell him, almost becoming aggressive to get my…
  • We budget $100 a month for dining out. Which is only about 1 nice dinner in Chicago or 3 so so ones. 
  • It was a hot weekend in Chicago so we laid low on Friday night. Saturday went to a friends for a grill out and a fire pit, so much fun. Sunday went out to brunch with the IL's, grocery shopped, and laundry. Nothing planned for Memorial Day yet. I'…
  • katarczyna: Though it's jumped the shark and the vibe is totally douchey now, Kumas = best burger in Chicago. We wanted to try them when we lived in the city and never got there, we may have to make a trip.
  • We got married & had our reception at a country club. It was close to where we lived and about an hour for each set of families. I loved that we had everything in one place. We had cocktail hour with appetizers right after the ceremony while w…
  • Yes Love them, but I love anything with sauerkraut on it. 
  • Congrats! So exciting!  I have a round .75, G color. DH went with a shallow cut, larger table, and girdle diameter, so the diameter of the diamond is wider than higher. I didn't want a tall ring and risk getting the prongs stuck on things like a …
  • I write a weekly menu and post it on the fridge. Each morning, DH picks from it and I defrost anything that is needed for that meal. I have probably 15-20 meals that we rotate through. We have some staples (frozen pizza, grocery store tamales, pas…
  • Question, is it better to get insurance while pregnant (haven't gained any weight yet) or wait till after the baby is born and back to per-pregnancy weight?
  • More often then I like. I usually am having a nightmare about my mom or grandma who both died years ago. The nightmares are so vivid and it sucks that I can remember them so well when I wake up!
  • I hate when people always say "it'll work itself out", that doesn't calm my nerves about our bills and the cost of a baby. That won't pay for daycare! We are not in the best financial shape right now with having to bring so much money to the closi…
  • A really good friend wanted to hire a bl0wjob instructor at my bachelorette party and I refused because my MIL was going to be there. She called me ungrateful, selfish, and my marriage would never last. She didn't come to my shower, my bachelorette …
  • If either of us lost our job, we would be fine. We live off one income now. I'd also be able to cut about $600 from our current budget. So unemployment insurance would just be a bonus.
  • brideymcbriderson: The cats Music The cats Work The cats Food The cats TV The cats Politics The cats Baseball The cats What we would do if we won the lottery The cats Our friends' dating drama and how our marriage is awesomely boring This bu…
  • I went through a whole sleeve last night at 10:30pm when I woke up from my 3 hour nap. Those suckers just go fast but they are a godsend!
  • We have 50% left over each month. Right now that is going to pay off a loan we got when we sold our condo and had to bring $ to the table. Once that is paid off, we will be saving about 35%. We'll have daycare by then and we are upping our 401k's an…
  • I got 3 inserts today in the Chicago Tribune, but nothing really good.
  • I like her and watching her shows but man, her smile freaks me out.