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  • Congrats on the baby girl!
    in Brandi Comment by diana3215 May 2011
  • Robyn- Happy Birthday!!! I started at a new company this past week so I have been in training in SD and locally. It's going really well, just intense to start with. This weekend I got to hang out with some friends and now I'm relaxing and trying to…
  • Ooh, those are good ideas! They both already have a cleaning lady (same one in fact) so I think spa will be the way to go. Thanks!
  • This weekend will be spent doing laundry and getting the house in order. I start a two-week training on Tuesday and only get to come home on the weekend. Hopefully there will be some fun mixed in there as well.
  • I haven't made plans with my mom or MIL. We always seem to wait until the last minute. Any gift ideas as we have no kids so pictures and cute things are out of the question.
  • I haven't been and don't have a little one, but we are always looking for places to camp. I'll have to check it out. Do they allow dogs?
  • Robyn- Good luck to your SIL. Hopefully baby stays comfy a while longer. My weekend was fun especially since DH got it off. On Friday we went to SD and went bar hopping with my Sister and BIL. Saturday I went wine tasting with a friend and Sunday w…
  • That too!
  • I haven't read either of them but added them to my list. I'm so glad I am done with school for the moment and have time for fun reading again.
  • sweettalkin417: Thanks! I will have to check out that series. I just finished re-reading The Tea Rose, by Jennifer Donnelly. Both this one and the sequel Winter Rose are really good. I just added that to my goodreads. I have been reading …
  • MarriedinCali: diana3215: Why in the world is my avatar a chefs hat??? Umm, I can't cook for anything plus I liked my ladybug. Nonsense! You're practically a chef! ha ha. Now my avatar is a pregnant lady, so now I want the chefs hat back.
  • I just started Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty. It is the third in the series and a complete fun read. The first started her as a junior in high school and now in college. How about you? Ivy is adorable!!
  • Why in the world is my avatar a chefs hat??? Umm, I can't cook for anything plus I liked my ladybug.
  • I haven't been on in awhile. Kat let me know I should pop on. Now I have to go and catch up! Thanks for thinking of me.
  • Welcome! I haven't been on the board for a few months since it was so slow. I'm excited to have some new members!
  • Christmas was good this year. I don't want to put away all the decorations though. We just planned some of our goals for next year so I am excited about that.
  • 2010: Bought a house Went to France Paid off SL's 2011: Build up E-Fund to 4 months Save 15% gross in retirement Pay at least 3 extra mortgage payments Save half for Italy trip in 2012
  • We bought our first home in February and the biggest things I learned was to calculate out mortgage (principal and interest), property taxes, any extra taxes like Mello Roo's, HOA (if you have one), insurance, and possibly specialty insurance depend…
  • -Start DH's 401k (sent in paperwork today) -Emergency Fund at 3-4 months -Pay down mortgage an extra $3-5,000 (more would be great)
  • Thank you! I will give our vet a call since it looks like that is the best option.
  • Mine does, but it is expected. He is only a few years into his career so is low on the seniority.
  • Our plan is to pay off our mortgage within 5-7 years instead of 30. The security is a big one for us, and would give us the comfort of me staying home with kids. We could do other things with the money, but it is about our comfort level for us.
  • Congrats! Any success on here I read gives me that much more motivation to keep working toward our goals.
  • Ours was $22, which feels like a lot to us when it showed up expectantly.
  • Build up 3 month EF Save up half of the money needed for 2012 Italy trip Establish DH's 401K (employer going to start offering some sort of match) Pay at least 3 extra mortgage payment to try to get rid of PMI
  • Welcome! Good luck with the house hunt!
  • Fast is all I can say.
  • sweettalkin417: Was sick all last week from the flu and somewhere in there I got pneumonia so no Thanksgiving or pie or shopping. Dr says it should be another week till I am feeling better. I hope you feel better soon!
  • Comfy clothes, it is way too cold for that!
  • The weekend was so nice. We went to Thanksgiving at my sister's in-laws and my family and both Grandma's were there. Friday we got the house all decorated and lounged around. Saturday was thanksgiving with my in-laws. Sunday we got and decorated our…