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  • Thanks ladies! Your input helps a lot.
  • This would be for credit cards ranging from 0% to 19% apr.
  • I like the one at Tyler mall just outside of Nordstrom. It's called Tyler Ranch Spa.
    in nail salon? Comment by IEtoLA May 2011
  • I think in Moreno Valley, but I'm not 100%.
  • I read "Water for Elephants" andreally enjoyed it. It was a really easy read. I am looking forward to seeing the movie.
  • Cute! It looks like she enjoyed it. Sucks I can't make it and meet you girls this weekend.
  • Hello and welcome!
    in New Here! Comment by IEtoLA March 2011
  • klmbride05: ^ Congratulations!  Thanks!  The first weekend of April is out for me.
  • Sounds good to mee too!
  • Congrats on the new house!  We moved last summer when L was about 8-9 months old and she did very well with the transition.  It's funny how simple things like a laundry machine make us so happy.
    in Check In! Comment by IEtoLA January 2011
  • I'm here!  I check in every couple of days to see if anyone has posted.  Nothing going on much though except for work.  L did start walking on New Years!  That was pretty exciting because I felt she was never going to.
    in Check In! Comment by IEtoLA January 2011
  • Welcome!  How are you liking Riverside so far?  DH attended UCR.
    in Hello All Comment by IEtoLA January 2011
  • I'm on the border of san bernardino/riverside county line by the 91/60/215 interchange. I checked out meetup but they are pretty much for stay/work at home moms and I work full time.
  • No resolutions here. But I have a question for you. Where/how did you find your mommy group?
  • L has always done better when there is more going on around her so I would say SC, but like other have said, it depends on the temperament of your baby. We have taken her to Vegas, Mammoth and San Diego, which included just sitting by the lake fish…
  • sweettalkin417: IEtoLA:   Stopped by Porto's Bakery (if you haven't eaten here, it is a must when you get out to the Glendale area) and came home and watched movies. Porto's is very good!!! I wish we had one out this way.  Woul…
  • Hi ladies!  Saturday we went to church for a friends baptism of their little one.  That was one of the longest ceremony I have ever been to.  They seriously had about 4 0kids to baptise!!!  After that we drove back to Riverside and had a BBQ for my …
  • Hi ladies!  I am so-o happy it's Friday.  Yesterday I got the flu shot and Tdap and I'm dying.   I hope to relax tonight.  Tomorrow we have a baptism to go to out in Los Angeles and then back to BBQ for my sister's birthday at her house.  Then on Sa…
  • Hey ladies!  I had a pretty busy weekend.  Went out to LA to hang out with my aunts and mom for lunch in  honor of my grandmother who passed away some time agao.  Saturday evening BBQ'd at my sisters home.  DH and I had a date day yesterday.  We had…
  • Hey there!  Haven't been in in a while but wanted to say hi.  Yesterday after work L and I took my mom to Target.  We then had dinner at my parents house, Put L to bed then D and I watched some Dexter.  Right now I've been watching a lot of Dexter, …
  • Sammy0709: I'm a respiratory therapist.  So far I have gotten my license and have called a few hospitals but they all say "we will be posting jobs soon".  I'm just being patient for now.   Welcome!  Have you checked with Kaiser Permanente hospit…
    in New Comment by IEtoLA October 2010
  • I haven't been on here as much either.  Yesterday I went grocery shopping for L's 1st birthday this Saturday, had dinner with my parents and then put L to bed and got to cleaning the house.  I still have so much to do.  Like a ding dong, I decided t…
  • Thanks ladies!
  • I didn't even thinkhonk of going to those places!  Thanks!
  • I went straight into a full work week beginning on a Monday.  The week before I would have my mom watch L while I went out and ran errands or visited with friends.  This helped with the pumping too because there is so much stuff you need and you for…
  • I honestly wish we didn't have any plans, but we will be driving up to June Lake with the family and friends.  Probably will drive into Yosemite for the day on Saturday and eat, drink and go fishing the rest of the time we are up there. 
  • Hi ladies!  Like BeckiC, I'm just looking forward to the cooler weather and hopefully a Hawaii trip if I can pull it off.
  • diana3215: What is your: favorite magazine? InStyle favorite blog to follow? I don't follow any current obsession/hobby/something your mind keeps going back to?  Renovating my house and planning my daughters first birthday party …