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    I’m just so curious!  I would really like to know why you don’t believe that “disrespect” is a word.

    So far you’ve claimed that it is a fragment of a word, that it is not a word, or that it may only be used in certain contexts (not as a verb), and that you may not add prefixes to “respect.” 

    Do you believe that disrespect is literally not a word, or is it just your personal opinion that such a negative word should not be accepted so casually in our vocabulary?  Is this a grammar issue, or an issue of personal principle?

    If the issue at hand is grammatical: 

    Everything that I have read not only affirms that it is in fact a word, but that it may be used as both a verb, and a noun.  With the appropriate suffix, it may also be used as an adjective or adverb.  I have read nowhere that the word “respect” may not be added upon, or seen any indication that a prefix would be improper.  In fact, every dictionary that I have checked confirms that its usage is absolutely correct, and dates back as far as 1614. 

    I know that some people are unaware of how old the word is, because it widely fell out of use, and then had a very recent resurgence.  Many people have the mistaken belief that it is incorrect because the sudden popularity of the word thrived mainly in hip hop culture. 

    I haven’t been able to come across anything that would support the idea that British English and American English differ in the use and acceptance of this particular word.  As far as I can tell (and given its early origination date), I do believe that it is acceptable in both.  Either way, I don’t believe that there is a very large British influence on the Nest, so there isn’t much reason to promote rules of “the Queen’s English” in a mostly American crowd. 

    I chose to communicate with you about your grammar complains here, because I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to turn threads into grammar discussions.   Please clue me in on why you don’t believe it is a word (can you site any sources for me?).  I really am very curious.  Thank you!

    October 2014
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