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Landlord called about my preschooler's tantrum

We rent the first floor apartment of a two-flat in the city of Chicago. We have lived there since Feb. 2008, and our lease will expire at the end of this Feb. Our landlord lives in the garden apt. below us.  We have two kids ? our son is three (four in May) and our daughter will be a year old in March.  


Our son has temper tantrums (not unusual for his age) and on Saturday our landlord left a voicemail on my husband?s phone (we just heard the message today) saying that it was really loud.  


It isn?t the first time he?s made comments, but as I mentioned our son is three years old, and unless we give in every time he wants something, he?s going to have times when he pitches a fit.  My question, if anyone might know, is whether the noise that my son makes would be grounds for him to (legally) refuse to renew our lease?  (Aside from this, we are good tenants ? we go to bed early, no loud tv or music, no parties, pay our rent on time, etc. )



Re: Landlord called about my preschooler's tantrum

  • I don't know for sure in regards to a legal aspect but a landlord has the right to not re-new leases at anytime... once your lease is up and if you have not already signed next year's lease (which I am surprised if it is next month, most landlords give those out a few months in advance) then your landlord can do as pleases... I know people in our building were not asked to re-new their lease because they made fish every night and it made everyone's aparment smell... I am not saying it is right but I would be prepared... I agree you should not give in to your 3 year olds tantrums and it sounds like you are being good parents but unfortunately that is what we deal with when we rent.... best of luck to you!
  • I agree with PP.      they have the right not to renew your lease for any reason.      however, once your lease is signed,that is when they need to have grounds to evict you/terminate your lease early.    but at renewal time, the new lease is at their sole discretion (assuming you aren't being discriminated against due to your race, religion, etc.).    

    If you haven't already signed your lease for next year (and want to stay), I would ask your landlord ASAP about the new lease.    But definitely be prepared in case you aren't able to renew.    Good luck!    

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