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What's a pregnant lady to do?

How frikken' hard does it have to be to get a hot sandwhich after 9pm?  After emptying my stomach for the, oh, 7th or so time today I realized that I was hungry (no surprise there).  And the only thing that sounded good was a hot sandwhich - like a quiznos or hot italian sub or something.  It was already like 9:15pm.  I figure at least the pizza places will be open and have something.  Nope... everyplace with a sub on the menu is closed and every place open doesn't have subs. 

Thank goodness Dewey's has a bar that's open until midnight and their kitchen was still open.  And thank goodness I have a DH who knows how much I hate to drive at night.  My french dip should be here in 20 minutes.  Yum. 

But seriously, the suburbs definitely need to be more accomodating of pregnancy cravings that aren't for fast food burgers or tacos.

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Re: What's a pregnant lady to do?

  • Wow, that sucks! ?Note to self, if you want a hot sandwich, even on a Saturday night, you have to think of it before 9pm.?
  • What a good DH!!
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  • I always want stuff when it's not available!  I hope you get your sandwich & it's yummmy (and you don't puke it back up).  You poor thing, I can't imagine having M/S that bad & willingly getting pg again so soon--LOL!  Feel better soon (at least in a few weeks)!

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  • Are you serious?  you've puked 7X today?  OMG I'd absolutely die.  I was miserable with the illness I had last night.  I would be looking at anything I put in and think about how it would be coming back out before I ate it.  You are a saint!
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  • Good DH!  Glad you got your sandwich.  I feel so bad for you being so sick still. :(
  • Ooh hot sandwich sounds so good! 

    Good DH for running out to Dewey's after 9 to pick one up. 


    BTW- whatcha up to Tuesday around lunch time?  I'll send you an email....

  • Girlfriend - you know I feel your pain with the barfing.  Ugh.

    I hope you got your sammie and it was DELISH!   

  • glad you got your hot sub!! 
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