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Guess what I got for my birthday?

A big ol' cold.  Boo Hoo.  We have reservation s at Fruition tonight that I have been looking forward to for weeks and T has grammy coming over to babysit.  Hopefully I'll feel better tonight and we can still go.  At best, I need a nice glass of wine to swallow turning 33 :)


Re: Guess what I got for my birthday?

  • First - Happy Birthday!

    Second - I am sorry you have a cold. :(  Hop yourself up on some cold meds so you can still go!  You deserve a fun night out! 

  • Sorry, that stinks!  Happy Birthday!  I hope that even with a cold you have a great time out tonight!

  • happy birthday katie!!!  i was just going to post that!!

    sorry about the cold -- i hope you feel well enough to go!!!

    much love!!!!

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  • Happy Birthday!

    I hope that you feel better and make it to Fruition.  My good friend is really close with one of the owners.  Their food is great and they are great people to support!

  • Happy Birthday!!

     I'm sorry you have a cold, I have one too.  It's so awesome to have a cold during the summer isn't it?

    I hope you are feeling well enough to go out for your birthday dinner. 

  • d.fd.f member

    Happy Birthday.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    DS 09/08


  • Happy birthday and I hope you feel better soon!!!
  • Happy Birthday!!!  Hope you feel better.
  • Happy Birthday to you Katie!! Enjoy Fruition, I'm jealous. Sorry you feel crappy.


  • That totally sucks out loud.  I hope you feel good enough to go.  Happy Birthday to you!Cake
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