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oh happy happy friday!!

So what's everyone have planned for this weekend??

Re: oh happy happy friday!!

  • This is our Hollywood weekend. My parents are coming over to watch DD and we are going to head into LA. Not sure what we are going to but at least we will be out of town. Than check into the hotel and grab dinner and head to the concert (the cure).

    anyone have any good recs for places to go around there?

  • TGIF! I am looking forward to the gtg tomorrow! I think DH is working late tonight, so I will probably clean the house (yay). I am not sure what we are doing on Sunday...
  • So far the only plans are the gtg tomorrow and dh's softball game in the evening.
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  • Good Morning. Happy Friday. I am very excited about the gtg tomorrow. I was talking to a co-worker and she is going tonight. She already bought her tickets. She said most theaters are allowing everybody to line up an hour before the show. I think I might get my tickets tonight just in case. Unless Val wants to be a doll and buy them for me. lol.

     Nothing planned for Sunday yet. Sometime this weekend I need to go to Robbins Bros and pick up my ring. They were fixing it. I miss it to. I never realize how naked I felt without it.

  • I will get your ticket Kristy! Edwards at 1:30, right? : )
  • Yup. :) Thanks. I will make sure to have cash so I can pay you back. It's 8 or 10 bucks right? You're so sweet.
  • I'm not sure how much it is, but if it isn't matinee, I am pretty sure I have some Edawrds coupons from my entertainment book that make it $6. I have to double-check though...
  • I'm so jealous you guys are seeing SATC this weekend!!  I wanted to go to the gtg but DH and I are taking Sarah on her first plane trip up to the Bay Area to see some friends for the weekend.  I've got a cold and am super-congested, so the plane ride should be loads of fun...

     Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  • Oh, no. You're going to need to dope up to get through the ride.
  • Hey Val! Can you buy me a ticket too please? I will pay you back tonight if you can.

    Lori have fun on your trip. We will miss you at the GTG but have fun and take some pics to share of Sarah.

  • Yay for the GTG! After that I have a grad party and then the LA TTD session on Sunday. About the GTG - 11:30 at Olive Garden right?
  • You ladies are going to have so much fun at the gtg.

    Lori-hope your cold lets up at least a little bit.

  • Yeah, Becki. 1130 for lunch. Just to clarify. The final count is 5 for lunch 4 for the movie? I feel like I am forgetting somebody.
  • I know sher wanted to come too!
  • Oh, yeah.

     Sher-are you here?

  • Ok, I bought my ticket!
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  • Yay! for Friday!!!

    Tonight we are taking DS to get his pics taken at the Picture People

    Tomorrow is DS's 1st birthday!! We are celebrating at a park with about 60 people...hopefully it doesn't get too hot.

    Sunday - maybe go to Sea World

    Lori - Hope you feel better soon! 1st Plane trip for DD - -How exciting!

    SATC gtg - - hope you ladies have a blast!


  • Did you buy it online Robyn? I was going to do that but work blocked all the sites. :( Yay...I'm glad you have your ticket. That's all of us then. I feel better about that now. :)

     Leann-A big happy first birthday to Troy. I swear it's gone by so fast. Take tons of pics. I wanna see. Have a good weekend.

  • ya, I bought it thru fandango.
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  • Happy Friday.

    This weekend I have a baby shower and birthday party to go to. My cousins need to stop having kids. I am going broke.

    I also have cleaning, homework and preparation for classes to do.

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