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Friday Confessions:

DH has been working from home all week, so I have to pretend not to nest.

Re: Friday Confessions:

  • i have been a slacker with working out this week. UGHS NEED MOTIVATION!
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  • DH is out of town and I have been eating like a single person. Haven't sat at the table once!
  • I'm home sick today..sniff sniff. Wink

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  • I puchased an extra shirt at old navy w/o telling dh! oops!
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    I have a crush on Richard Hammond from Top Gear. I just spent an hour and a half reading True Dad Confessions.
  • Drama at work as me completely distracted and I can't get my work done!!!
  • DH is out of town tonight.  My puppy is in daycare today, so she will be tired tonight.  I am looking forward to having an evening of peace and quiet.  Way. Too. Much.
  • Oh, and I just put Taking Control Of Your Fertility on reserve at the library.  This is my first step before I begin thinking about thinking about having kiddos.  I'm going to have to hide the book from DH, though!
  • I left my pre-made lunch at home this morning when I left for work because I just didn't feel like eating it.  Earlier this week, I'd made a bunch of salads w/ chicken for lunches, and I couldn't handle a third day in a row of salad.

    I'm not eating my salad lunch at dinnertime, either--I have leftovers from last night's Flywife's delicious Green Chile Enchiladas!  I just hope DH doesn't eat all the leftovers at lunch.  Hmm

  • I'm very sad that I ate the entire bag of Mocha Marble Crunch that I bought at Whole Foods yesterday.  But I refuse to drive ~6 blocks to get more today because I know that my self-control will fail me again and I'll eat whole bag.  Again.  WF really should ban me from their bulk section.  Embarrassed
  • DH worked late last night, and on the way home, he got Mickey D's.  I had a filet o' fish and fries at 2am :(  I felt like I was in college again.

    Sapphire- I got that book from the library a couple of weeks ago;  I'm going to return it tomorrow.  Got it at the Milwood branch.

  • I often pretend that I am doing something very important on the computer at work just so the girl next to me will leave me alone. Usually I'm just nesting.
  • My boss left town on Wednesday.  I have done next to nothing productive since then.  I'm going to have to work overtime this week-end to make up for it.  Sad
  • I had to work from home this morning to wait on a repair person, so until they got there at 10, I worked from bed in my bathrobe.

     It rocked, by the way. Big Smile

  • I've kept Marisa busy non-stop since she got up this morning.  This gives me a better chance of her taking a looooong nap and me getting some quality downtime.
  • The office park where my office is located has designated spots for each building. There is a woman who not only parks in our spots everyday, but parks practically sideways taking up at least 3 spots. I finally had enough and had the receptions put a note on her car asking her to stop and letting her know that the next time we'll have her car towed. I was too big of a chicken to do the note myself.Embarrassed
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