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Post your Weekly Highs and Lows

This is a post we used to (haven't lately) done in Houston and it's a nice way to finish out a week.?


Post your weekly highs and lows. ?:)?


Re: Post your Weekly Highs and Lows

  • IMFunIMFun member

    I am going to start with my lows:?

    ** My kitty was diagnosed with lymphoma and my gut tells me that I have less than two weeks with him. ?He is my love bug that would literally crawl inside my skin if I could let him. ?:( ?It breaks my heart.

    ** My son has been sick all week with fever and chills and oh yeah, he vomited on me all night on Tuesday and then had the other end the next morning. ?SWEET! ?He was all better yesterday and today... ?fever again. ?

    ** fights with DH. ?We are going to be working together up there and I am terrified that we won't be able to do it. ?I am trying to work on my sensitivity issues. ?



    we got the house! ?:) ?It's the house that I fell in love with and we accepted their counter offer and we will close the beginning of July so my lack of routine is now... well there's a light at the end of my tunnel.

    ** I have had more time with my kitty... ?the one thought was to go ahead and put him down on the operating table as the tumor is pretty big but we didn't. ?And I am glad we didn't. ?I have had extra special snuggles.?


  • Highs: Phillip and I are working on things and it is goin great so far...

    Lows: My mom is having some medical issues that arent very encouraging

  • High: I have officially dropped two sizes. It's not a ton of weight...but dropping sizes feels great.

    Lows: My BFF sending me a text last night that melanoma had in fact spread to her lung and she will have to undergo a long hard treatment process.

  • IMFun..We were just wondering where you'd gone yesterday...were your ears burning?

    Highs:  Our TV room furniture came in that we ordered and is being delivered tomorrow.

    Lows:  DH is leaving for Africa for 3 weeks startiing next week and I'm already sad.

  • Low - I had car trouble yesterday.  It was hot, my car wouldn't start, I had to get my son to his school program on time and i didn't think I would make it.  We got the car started and I got him to his program but when we were leaving school and trying to get home my car would not start again = (  DH replaced the battery last night and it seems to be working ok now. 

    Highs - the majority of the yard overhaul has been completed and I *might* actually get to rest a little this weekend.

  • Highs: 

    ~ Got to talk with one of my best girlfriends and catch up yesterday.  It was great.

    ~ Was able to relax by a pool last weekend.  Haven't done that in way too long.

    ~ I signed up for a new marathon training group and met a nice girl who will likely be a good running partner.


    ~ Today is the first anniversary of my grandmother's passing. 

    ~I'm so emotional this week and I hate it.

  • High: 

    DH "worked" from home yesterday so we had an awesome day together as a family.


    We're having trouble finding plane tickets to fly "home" in July that don't break our budget.  Ticket prices are freaking ridonkulous!


  • High: I love mexican folk art and had my heart set on finding this ceramic pineapple that is typically found in Michocan, MX.  Since I probably won't be going that far, I did find one for half the price that I found here in Dallas.  I found it at this great little store in Monterrey: http://www.carapangaleria.com/  The one I purchased is under clay, and it's the yellow & green one.  I'm so happy with it!

    Low:  My freaking A/C is not working right. :(  We ran the one downstairs and turned the one upstairs to 72 and it was still 80* when I got up.  Warmer than outside!  And we have radiant barrier!  Needless to say I called the A/C company first thing this morning.

  • Highs:

    Sonogram yesterday showed that baby looks great and it provided us with that extra reassurance that everything is going okay.  :)

    My mom and I had a wonderful time lunching and shopping yesterday.  It's been a long time since we've actually been able to spend a whole day together doing girl stuff!  Although, today I'm exhausted and achy from being on my feet for nearly 12 hours.

    I finally got my hair cut.  I feel like a new woman.  ;)


    Dh has been working extremely long hours this week.

    My grandma is struggling to take care of my terminally ill grandfather.  She is so determined to do it all by herself, but it's totally wearing her out.

  • High:

    We celebrated my Grandmother's 90th birthday.

    We leave for Colorado on Sunday for a week. I'm so ready to go!

    I had my back landscraping ripped out and replaced this week, it looks so much better.


    I have been sick every day this week.

    I found out I will most likely have to go on bedrest the last two months of my pregnancy.

  • Low: went back for our follow up appt to the allergist and got the results from Mason's extensive bloodwork. His allergy to soy is the worst food allergy, then wheat, then CORN (thats a new one) and then egg whites. He's also allergic to *of course* the kind of grass we have and just about every kind of tree out there. except maybe a ficus. The worst part, is he's also allergic to cats. I was in tears thinking i'd have to get rid of my 2 kitties i've had for almost 10 years, but the allergist said to not consider it yet. there's things we can do to lower the pet dander level in our house.?

    i spent $200 on clothes last night- wasnt planning on spending that money! lol?


    bought tickets to CA and so now we can plan our july vacation!!

    i've practically had the week off this week, its been REALLY nice to hang with Mason all week.

    ?last night i was supposed to go to a thing at church. 2 of my friends couldnt go last minute, and i was already running late. Dh was gone for the evening and mil was already over to watch Mason- SO i spent the evening by MYSELF and went shopping!! it was really nice to do that!!


    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • Highs:

    - I am still happy about being married - it's really nice to have someone to sleep with everynight and to have our own place!

    -My AC works like a charm in my car now so I am not sweating everywhere I go.


    - DH started his Bar classes this week so he doesn't get home until 9:30 everynight and that isn't fun at all because I am tired by that time but I want to enjoy spending time with him.

    - I've just kind of been in a funk this week. Sort of depressed but for no real reason.

  • lows: work is draining me I just don't like it anymore, everyone is always so stressed out it makes for very tense co workers and people on the edge all the time

    I still break out in hives all over even though I am following this strict allergy diet plan to keep me away from 'target' foods - I don't think this is working and it is mildly depressing to feel that you have to wear long sleeve shirts in 90 degree weather so that everyone won't stare at the ugly hives on your arms and ask you what is wrong all the time. 

    highs:  we got some great new patio furniture and J finished the stone edging in the front flower beds - now we get to start on the back! 


    Pregnancy Ticker Birthday
  • Lows: Stressed in general, family stuff etc..

    Highs: Got new flooring in the kitchen, DH is in the process of planning my trip to Mexico for my 30th b-day next March! Also, got tickets to see Maroon Five and Counting Crows in Sept with some awesome girlfriends

  • Highs:

    • We had an awesome time on Sunday with some friends who we've always sort of been "iffy" with. But we had such a good time just the four of us, so I'm really excited to have a good couple friend to hang out with.
    • We finally bought FI an X-Box 360 on Monday. He's so excited, like a little kid that he gets to play online with all his friends now.


    • FI just got a mediocre annual review at work, even though he busts his ass. He is very hurt and upset
    • Then he found out today that a girl who has been there less time than he has, who doesn't do a lot, and who was in the process of quitting two weeks ago (changed her mind the morning after her going away party) got an above standard review. Again, he's very hurt and upset. It's not going to be a good weekend.



    Proud Doxie Mommy

    Cooking Blog Family Blog TTC Blog

    TTC since Sept. 2009

    HSG 9/10 = all clear

    AMH and internal sono 3/11 = normal

    SA 4/11 = normal

    next steps = plan to start treatments mid-2012

    BFP 3/13 after two and half years
  • High: Will be in about 3 hours when I start 9 days of vacation.


    Low: Got the yearly car insurance bill yesterday...Blech.  FI has been in a *peachy* mood all this week.  He best be out of it by this afternoon cause nothing's going to rain on my vacation parade!

  • Lows: Cramps, A/C not working, fighting with Kevin (but that's been going on  for months, so not new), stressing about work.

    Highs: SATC with my BFFs at midnight, a nice note from Kevin saying he's tired of fighting and ready to fix things for good that I just got 2 minutes ago :) 

  • High:  The Bebe has been sleeping 7-8 hours a night for almost a week now!

    Low:  plugged milk duct 

  • Highs:  Got a lot of house stuff done in the past week.  Getting closer to being ready for the twins to get here.

    Started a class at the hospital on childbirth.  It was interesting! 

    Got to hang out with friends/family.

    I'm having lunch with one of my BFF today!!!

    Lows:  I'm tired.  :(

    I had to pick up/clean for in-laws to come.  I love them but would rather that they come on a different weekend.

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  • High: DD laughed this week. She is so amazing

    Lows: None

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickersLilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • Highs:

    Found out my braces can come off in 2 wks!  Party!!!


    Next available appt was a month away & I had to make two appts in one day, during the week...morning & afternoon.  A pain for work when I'm also working around prenatal appts. 

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Highs:

    - My mom and I took a cooking class together on Tues night and had so much fun!

    - DH decided to go back to school and finish his degree.


    - A little stressed about DH working half-time but I think everything will work out.

  • Lows: Probably tmi, but my breasts are so sore they feel like they're going to break off.

    I give much praise to those who are still trying to have a baby. Trying sucks. I mean, what I meant to say, is sex is supposed to be fun, right? Ha

    The interior paint color that I chose turned out to be a wee bit too yellow of a tone for me. I despise picking out paint color so wish me luck! It's also going to cost us big bucks to have them repaint the house :( Ugh.

    Highs: They're almost done with our house. I think 18 months is my favorite age. Nothing better than your toddler thinking you're the best thing since sliced bread.

    I am not having cramps this week. Hoping this is a good sign. Bleh.


  • I am TOTALLY Debbie Downer this week!!!


    Grandpa passed away

    Funeral tomorrow



    Married 4 years as of yesterday

    Jer started his new job

    My sister came to see me *and I already miss her a TON*


  • Oh- DUH - We got the Wii FIT on Sunday and haven't gotten off the dang thing all week.  We LOVE it!
  • Highs- got to visit parents over the weekend, only a 4 day work week

    Lows- My baby's eczema is back, I'm tired,

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