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poll: engagement

seeing the post below about twolverton getting engaged in san francisco made me think. how did each of you ladies get engaged? (ok this is sooo a knot conversation, haha)

 tell your story below!

 here is mine: dh and i were living in nyc and for my birthday he took me to the new MoMA (I am an art fiend!) after about five flights he finally got the courage to do it and said he was tired and wanted to sit on a bench in one of the atriums. i called him a weenie or something to that effect and when we were sitting on the bench he reached for his pants pocket. i assumed it was his cell phone vibrating and thought nothing of it. he then pulled out a ring, and the rest is history! we then met up with friends at one of our favorite french restaurants  to celebrate my birthday and the engagement!



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Re: poll: engagement

  • Mine was NOT a surprise at all, and that was just the way I liked it. I didn't want to have a bad story or be dissapointed for the rest of my life. LOL and after 5 years, it wasn't like I would be surprised anyways.

    We went together and I picked out every detail of the ring. After it came in, we went on a 7 day vacation to Port A. I knew it was coming, but he made me wait until we'd already been there 4 days!! However, we got dressed up and went out to a nice dinner, and then went and parked on the beach. I was doubting he would do it that night because he was wearing his nicest khacki slacks and I didn't think he'd get down on one knee in the sand. But sure as heck he did! He did a great job, made me cry. It was perfect :-)

  • DH had a great plan, he got to my house before me, went out in the yard and found a spot with no dog bombs ( I am not good at keeping up with removal). Then he put together a wonderful dinner for two ( no memory, it was something grilled) and chilled champagne. we had dinner and went outside to relax on the patio with our champagne while he had a smoke. I was totally clueless...

    He wandered out in the grass which I remember thinking was brave of him and kneeled down and told me to come give him a hug. I did and he pulled his chain out of his shirt and said will you marry me? And there was the most beautiful ring hanging there instead of his cross! I was stunned! I stared for about 30 seconds while I processed what he was saying...

    We both cried when I said yes. He is a big softy. 

  • Mine was also on my birthday... DH and I had been dating 7 years at that point, and he knew that I was getting a little impatient (ok, that's an understatement).  the week leading up to my birthday, he was acting a little strange, so I thought it might be coming.  however, my birthday was on a monday that year, and i play softball on mondays.  i asked him if he wanted me to not play that game and he said it didn't matter, so then I started questioning him.  about 2 hours before the game, he said - well, i would like to cook you dinner tonight, so why don't you see if you can get out of your game.  we had a nice steak dinner and he made me pineapple upside down cake, and then gave me my presents.  after i opened them, he said there was one more but he didn't have time to wrap it, so give him 10 minutes. 

    i waited about 25 minutes and then he told me to come upstairs to get it.  i walked upstairs and he told me to close my eyes and walk into our office.  i did, and when i opened them, he had spelled out "will u marry me?" in candles on the floor (200 tealight candles).  he said a nice little speech that made me cry, and then proposed with a ring pop (because my ring didn't get delivered until the next morning!)

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  • Aw, lshoes, that is a sweet story!

    One night DH and I were talking about how we were coming up on our 5 year anniv. of dating.  He nonchalantly recommended that we go out to dinner to celebrate and I thought that was a good idea.  We went to the restuarant where we'd had our 1st date (my idea).  At one point while waiting for our food, we decided to go outside to smoke, and he told me to go ahead, he was going to the bathroom.  When I told him I'd wait, he insisted I go ahead so I did.  After dinner he told me that when he'd gone to the bathroom, he stopped by the dessert counter and saw there were some yummy looking cakes, and that I should go check them out, so I did.  We agreed that one particular cake looked particularly good, but  I didn't think anything of it. When the waitress asked about dessert, DH ordered a slice of cake, with an extra plate.  I took notice of this, because we never order dessert, but still didn't know what was coming.

    She brought the cake out, and set the cake in front of him and the empty plate in front of me.  Except it wasn't empty - there was a ringbox on it.  So I freaked a little, opened it, freaked a lot, he asked me while choking back tears, I said yes while letting the tears flow, he was so nervous he forgot to get on on one knee (it's okay though, cause that's not really how we roll), and he forgot to put the ring on me - I did it myself!  Oh well... it was sweet anyway.

    Turns out, he was insisting I go out and smoke before him, so he could get the waitress to go along with his plan...

  • We went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Wedding Crashers on a Saturday afternoon, and before the movie there were pictures of us on the movie screen and the last frame it said "Will you Marry Me?" He had the ring and everything, and people started clapping. Then we left the movie before it started, and we drove to his best friend's house. My family, his family and my best friend and her husband from Houston were all over there for a surprise engagement party. It was PERFECT!
  • Mine was a surprise, although I suppose it shouldn't have been.

     Christmas Eve 2005 I went over to my husband's parent's house to help make dinner. His sister kept commenting on how she enjoyed having me as her brother's girlfriend and that she would really like me as a sister... she also was giving me weird stares, but I just thought she was being sentimental... it was Christmas after all.

    Well, we had dinner and were just about to open presents. My husband's sister set up her video camera (another clue I should have been prepared for something... this was how they usually did Christmas Eve). Well, I was the first one to get a present. My husband gave me this box that was just about the size of a camera box (something I had been wanting for a while). It was heavy too. I opened it up and it was indeed a camera box... except it was my old camera box from a couple of years ago. I was a little confused when I opened it and saw the little black box sitting in the middle of lots of tissue. It was at this point I figured what he was up to :)

    He took the box out, opened it up and said stuff I don't really remember. I proceeded to pounce on him. I was super happy. It turns out a couple  months before when my husband, his parents and I went to look for a pendant for his Aunt, we were really scoping out what kind of ring I would like. His mom started getting me to try things on and the last ring I tried on was the ring I absolutely fell in love with! Well, he bought it that day without me knowing and kept hold of it for months. He was always telling me that he felt pressured to get married and that I should stop giving hints that that's what I wanted... we'd been dating for four years and I wanted a long engagement, so I guess that was "pressure." He really made me feel bad until I realized it was all a ruse. That man can be clever!


    That was longer than I had intended :)

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  • i wish DH hadn't blown his own cover because it would've been a surprise.

    we had been casually shopping around for rings (stopping in to look in the jewelry stores when christmas shopping) with my never deciding on a particular style that i liked. i went off to boston for spring break with classmates to visit some ad agencies, and during that time, i found out i got a paid internship in new york for the summer. we decided when i got back from spring break to go out and celebrate my upcoming internship.

    everything was like normal until we were about to leave, and i noticed the key for the back door was missing. it was there just moments before DH had gotten home from work. i was a little worried about the key, but he said we needed to get to dinner to make our reservation. i was on to him when i kept talking about the key and how it was there before he got home, and what could possibly have happened to the key.

    while we were out, his sister set everything up at the house. the ring was stashed in a huge box (the box our bbq grill came in) filled with biodegradable packing peanuts. he made me dig for the ring! i finally dumped all the contents out, saw the ring box and he proposed. he did very well. 

  • As told by DH:

    On the morning of June 23, I woke up in London, England. What followed was the best (and longest) day of my life. Below is the condensed version! It was only a couple of weeks after leaving for the UK when I realized I wanted to buy Keri's ring there and propose to her when I got back. So I began planning how to make it extra special for my princess. I changed my flight so that I'd arrive exactly one week earlier (my original return date was June 30th). I dreamed up a perfect way to surprise her and propose to her. After a few Scottish paychecks, I bought her ring. Meanwhile, Keri's sister was a constant support and help to me in my plannings (you could call her my partner in crime). Without her, June 23rd never would have happened! So, like I said, I woke up in London on June 23rd. I caught a plane at 9:40 a.m. (that's 3:30 a.m. Austin time). I finally arrived in Austin at 6:30 p.m. (that's 12:30 a.m. June 24th London time). I had 4 hours to make the final preparations. That night Keri was with her friend Sue. Sue was my other co-conspirator, I should mention. At some point Sue told Keri it was her roommate Lane's boyfriend's birthday, and they were gonna get dressed up and go downtown to celebrate it.  Sue made sure Keri got looking all purdy and then they left in Sue?s car for downtown. On the way there, Sue informed Keri that they had one stop to make before going to 6th Street. It was tradition, Sue told her, for Tom and his friends to go take shots on the footbridge over Town Lake. Keri thought this was a bit odd but she didn't mind the idea of a shot or two. So Sue parked her car at the Taco Cabana across the street from the footbridge and they got out and began walking towards the bridge. That's when Sue stopped and told Keri that was as far as she (Sue) could go, which had Keri totally confused. "Now is when I hug you and tell you I love you. There's someone waiting for you on the bridge," Sue told her. At that point Keri kind of started to realize it was me. I was standing on the bridge dressed in a sports coat and tie and khaki pants, with two dozen long stemmed roses and a diamond ring in my pocket. I don't know if Keri was actually walking towards me as slow as it looked like she was, or if everything was just going in slow motion. We hugged, and her first words to me were, "What are you doing here?" My first words to her were, "Why are you all dressed up?" Sue's brilliant plan had ME surprised! So finally, after six long months, Keri and I were back in each other's arms. We stood on the bridge and hugged for a while -- Keri trying to convince herself that this was reality and not some dream, and myself trying to find the right moment to pop the question. Finally I pulled the little black box out of my jacket pocket and asked Keri to marry me. She said yes! We stayed on the bridge for probably another half hour, simply on cloud nine. I couldn't have imagined June 23rd going so perfectly well. Thanks to everyone who helped me that night and in the months of planning before it!

  • My proposal was a surprise, although DH & I had been dating for about 6 years by then. 

    It was Christmas Eve, and we'd decided to open our stockings at his house before having lunch with my family at my mom's house.  We took turns opening gifts from our stockings, and somehow he worked it out so that he finished opening his little treats before I did.  There was a ring box in the toe of my stocking.  But, I was so clueless that I assumed it was just some other piece of jewelry.  As I opened the box, he got down on one knee and gave a little speech and proposed.  I was so excited that I realized I hadn't even looked at the ring by the time he was putting it on my finger.

    I found out later that he'd been looking for rings since Thanksgiving, and had talked to my parents about the engagement in early December.  They were REALLY good about keeping it a secret--I had no idea.  I decided to keep the fact that he'd asked me a secret when we got to their house for lunch.  I acted as normal as possible and didn't say anything until we were already eating.  I said "I understand that people have been keeping a secret from me."  My brother & SIL thought I meant that I was irritated with them for going to a movie I really wanted to see without me the evening before--they didn't know.  haha!  We announced our engagement, and my parents brought out the champagne they'd had waiting.

  • I was completely 100% surprised because at that time, every time we talked about getting married, it was always like "in a couple of years".  DH had just recently moved back to Austin from Dallas, where I was, and went to work for his family's business, and he said he felt like he needed time to figure out what he was doing with work and grad school, get settled, etc before getting married.  Well, we had planned a vacation to London in March of 2007 to visit his best friend from college and her boyfriend, who live there.  Several of my friends even asked me before the trip if I thought we would get engaged while we were there, and I always said no, that it was still down the road, and I really believed it.  Turns out that he had been planning for a while, and the second day of our trip (I guess the first full day), we had been planning on going sightseeing with Sarah (she was DH's "best man"), but that morning she said she had some client emergency for work and that she had to be on a conference call in the morning.  So, DH and I decided to walk to Hyde Park and just visit a few places around their neighborhood and then meet Sarah at lunch time and spend the rest of the day with her.  Actually, DH and Sarah had decided the night before that Hyde Park would be "the place", but he was good at making me think that I was part of the decision too. :) So we got to the park and we were walking around a pond talking about how excited we were about the trip, and then he started saying that he was even more excited about everything else we still had ahead of us, how lucky we were to have each other, etc., just being very sweet.  I still didn't have a clue, but then we stopped walking and he said, "I want to ask you a question", and it wasn't until that exact moment that I knew.  So I immediately started crying, he asked, I said yes, and we almost ran back to Sarah's place, where she was waiting with champagne and strawberries for us.  The best part was that we still had a week in London to celebrate before coming home and celebrating again with our friends and family here.  It was perfect!  And looking back, there were little clues I would have picked up on had I been looking for them, but I love that it was a total surprise.
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  • I knew mine was coming because we had talked about rings, but he managed to completely surprise me.

    A friend of a friend was in town from NYC and claimed she wanted to go to Mt Bonnell since it was Austin-y. So, a group of us went shopping/ ate lunch/ etc then headed up there for the sunset. DH was at work (supposedly- he really told them he was proposing and they let him leave!) so I didn't suspect a thing. We actually got to the bottom of the stairs and there were rose petals on them. I turned around and said "Oh look, someone's getting engaged." Still had no clue! We got closer to the top and I saw DH and froze. My friend had to push me to get me walking again. Then I thought "Maybe he's just doing something nice for me." But then I looked around and noticed my best friend, several other friends and my parents all waiting for me up there and knew that was it. He got down on one knee in front of about 10 of our friends and 40 complete strangers and when I said yes they all clapped. We had champagne after that and then all went out to dinner to celebrate.  

  • Ours was a Christmas day thing. For about a month before, DH had been living with my parents in Houston while doing some consulting work for my dad's company - I was in Austin. While working together, DH got up the courage to ask my dad, and my dad and DH shopped for rings together every day after work for like 2 weeks. My grandmother (who looooves DH) gave him a stone to use that's a family heirloom. I didn't know anything was up until Christmas eve - my BFF came over to my mom and dad's, and DH wanted to talk to her in private - that second I knew - not when, but that he def. had a ring. The next morning, my entire family was there - grandma, aunts and uncles,etc, which isn't really out of the ordinary for my family, but my BFF also came over, supposedly just to hang out before she and her DH went to her inlaws house. Most of the gifts had been opened, but DH got down on one knee in front of me, and pulled a large package out from under the couch - it was a wedding planning book. By the time I looked up, he had the ring out, and I said yes before he could say anything.
  • MrsAJLMrsAJL member
    Seventh Anniversary

    We got engaged in June 2006. Andrew was having my engagement ring made by a family friend in New York who is a gem buyer/jeweler. I was such a pest! I would ask every day "Have you heard from Danny?" or other variation. Finally, Andrew got annoyed and said, "You can either wait for me to propose when it's time or I can just call you with 'Ring is here' when it comes in and no proposal." So I gave up asking and honestly forgot about it.

    We were on our way to our standing Friday plans and he suggested going to Curra's on Oltorf beforehand for dinner. Well it was totally packed and I was starving. I flippantly said, "it doesn't matter. Let's go anywhere." We ended up at Magnolia instead. I was oblivious to everything except that he seemed really lovey. I finally asked him what was up and he said nothing; he just loves me.

    We get to our destination that night and before we walked inside, Andrew suddenly fell down. I was stunned! I looked at him and just blurted out, "Are you okay!? Who falls?!" Then I realized he was holding my engagement ring. I never saw it coming!!! Anyway, he barely managed to get out "Will you marry me?" before I just lept into his arms. I didn't even say yes until several minutes later. It was a perfect proposal to me!

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