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Science Teaching Jobs?

I'm trying to help my little brother as much as I can in finding his first teaching job. He's completing the alternative certification this summer, and I think will be qualified to teach Biology, Chemistry and that science class they make you take in 8th or 9th grade that like a combo of the two - IPC, maybe? He also swam in college, so a school with a swim coach/assistant coach opening would totally rock.

Anyway, how would he go about looking for a job in the Austin area? Are there job fairs, or have those all already happened? How hard is it for someone doing alternative cert to get a science teaching job in the Austin area?  Thanks for the advice!

Re: Science Teaching Jobs?

  • Each of the disctricts will have a job fair. Check their websites for info. I did alternative certification, and i had a really hard time finding a job, but I have a degree in English. Science is a high demand field, so he should be able to find something easier than me.
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  • Science should be easier than English or SS.  Mail your resume to EVERY school in the area.  I sent DH's to every school in LISD, Eanes, AISD, DVISD, PISD, GISD, HCISD his first year teaching and he still ended up at Regan in October after school started and had to suck it up and commute!  Sad
    By the time jobs are posted on district websites they are usually filled and the posting is only a formality.  Talk to everyone he knows who is teaching.
    If he is at Region XIII, Ruben should be able to help him network.  You have to also apply online w/ all districts. Be diligent!
    Also, I wouldn't expect to walk into a coaching gig his first year.  Teachers like those stipends. Wink
    And it seems like they don't like Science teachers to coach since they are really struggling in that area to get the kids to pass the TAKS.   But I could be wrong about that, I have just never personally known a Science teacher who coached.  Seems like they are usually SS teachers. Hmm
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