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stand by jury duty in cook county

I've been summoned as a stand by juror.... not so excited.  What are the chances that I will actually have to show up?  If I do not have to show up, do I get a pass for a year or can I be summoned again at any time since I didn't actually have to go?  The day I am summoned I do not have to work, but if I have to be on a jury the following week, I will not be paid as I don't get PTO.  Is this a valid excuse for not serving?  I can't afford not to be paid that week.   Thanks

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Re: stand by jury duty in cook county

  • I was summoned twice recently (both times in the last year or so) and when I called the day before, I never had to go. I lucked out!

    Hope that's the case with you!

  • I don't think that's a valid excuse though.......but I thought your employer HAD to pay you. Maybe I'm wrong on that.
  • I was a standby juror once.  Basically you call the day before, and if your last name starts with a certain letter, you have to go in, and if it doesn't, you're off the hook.  (Unfortunately, I had to go in, and ended up getting picked for the jury to boot - ugh!)

     There was a juror in my group that got picked, who told the police officer (not sure what his official title was, but he was in charge of keeping the jury in line) that she couldn't stay on the jury because of her job, and he said that her employer had to give her the time off and compensate her.  He said he would be happy to call her boss and discuss it - and, he was kind of abrasive about it.  Anyway, I'm not sure if what he was saying was true, but the woman ended up staying on the jury.  We were there for a full week.

  • Like pp's I thought your employer had to pay you, so I asked DH (a cop) and he said they don't have to pay you but they have to give you the time off.  I tried to google it and it looks like its true. If you can prove that serving would cause great financial hardship then you can get out of serving. Hopefully you wont have to go at all.

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