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Helicopter Crash

A helicopter just crashed at Spectrum Health.


You can see the smoke here in Hudsonville.


Say a prayer.   

Re: Helicopter Crash

  • We just went and looked at it. I so hope no one got hurt and I so hope that I don't go into labor anytime soon!
  • I was jsut going to post, I *hope* it's not....

     I don't even know what to say. I hope no one is injured? I hope there aren't too many injured??


     Here's a link to the wood TV skycam. Kind of bizzare, but it looks like they've gotten everything cleaned up.

  • Multiple injuries reported and they're evacuating certain parts of the hospital.

    Christina, tell Baby Jason to sit tight!

  • The Press is doing a great job covering the story with continual updates here
  • Update for everyone:

    Please note that the media has reported conflicting information. There were 2 people on board during the crash. Both are in stable condition. No patients were involved in the crash. Spectrum Health emergency teams and the fire department were on site to react. There will be a Spectrum Health press conference held at 3:30pm that will be televised on WoodTV 8 if anyone is interested. Thanks everyone!

  • My doctor just called and said Labor & Delivery is back open and so is the Emergency Room...

  • We were told they had to evacuate the top three floors of the hospital -- sending patients to other area facilities.  No one having to come to kzoo yet *fingers crossed*.
  • It was a crazy day yesterday. They got the patients from the center tower back to thier rooms about 3pm. The ER opened back up a little after 5pm. They moved the PICU kids to the surgery holding area and kinda scattered everyone else. The center tower elevator were still closed when I went home at 9:30.  I doubt they will be open today. They were flooded with jet fuel and tons  of water.  

    We on second shift spent the rest of the night trying to play catch up!  For the most part after 3pm it seemed like any other day at the hospital. Once first shift left there really wasn't much talk of it.

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